Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Sundries

sundries: miscellaneous small articles, details, or items

Well, I've made it three Saturdays in a row, maybe this was a good idea! :)

This petite piece is just 4 inches long. It's made of velvet with a little layer of wool inside the shoe for needles. I think a thimble would fit down in the shoe, just under the round cushion.


I acquired this little pincushion from Mexico. Nope, I've never been there but I purchased it from someone in Mexico. It's times like those that I love the internet. It allows you to shop worldwide in just a few minutes!

That's it for today. Saturday Sundries are fairly short and sweet. If you'd like to see my other Saturday Sundries posts, just click here and enjoy!

Take care and God bless,

P.S. Thank you for all the kind comments about our recent loss of Rufus. We are still so sad, but we know that Buddy is here and needs us even more now. Even though I didn't want to even consider it at first, we are talking about getting a friend for Buddy to play with and help heal the ache in his little puppy heart for his brother.


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  2. Dear Lana, first off... so sorry you lost Rufus. How sad!! My heart breaks just looking at the post below of the bothers playing together. I hope Buddy is comforted either by you or another companion. I love your adorable shoe pin cushion. How sweet is that? very original and so creative. Hope you are doing well. Not much on my blog, but did a couple of posts. God Bless you friend.