Friday, January 30, 2009

Guessing Game Winner(s)!!!

I know, I know ~ this was supposed to be announced Tuesday! First of all, I got my days mixed up. I thought Tuesday was Monday and I had another day to go. Then when I realized it was already Tuesday, I mentioned that I would draw names Wednesday. Wednesday arrived and I was so busy working on orders and running errands (or was that Tuesday, too?), I forgot until later, and was going to draw them Thursday. Thursday morning I got a call from a family member who needed to make an unexpected trip out of town to the doctor and she asked me to take her. There were complications from a previous surgery and the doctor wanted her to come in and let him see how things were looking. That turned out ok, thank goodness, but that was another day gone.
While I was running errands (Tues. or Wed.), I stopped at a little junk shop next to the post office and found this lovely old ironstone pitcher! It's not my largest ironstone pitcher find, but is a good size at 7 inches high. I love the aged look, all the crazing under the glaze, the soft color, even the crack and chip. Doesn't bother me a bit! And guess what it cost...... TWO DOLLARS!!! I was so happy to find it!

Now let's get to the giveaway...

This morning I printed all the names, and wrote extra names for those of you who mentioned the giveaway or my etsy shop on your blogs. Cut them up, folded them, and put them all in the pitcher.

I had my daughter, Jessica, draw the winner before she left for work this morning.

Drum roll please.........................

Patty of Magpie's Nest! Patty will receive a packet of my Heart in Hand Valentine cards AND another surprise because she also guessed the correct cost of my antique sofa ~ only $35! Patty, I'll be emailing you in a little while to get your mailing info.

There were 2 more guesses that were right on the money too! These came from Cathy of Hazelruthe's and Lori of Get To Goal. Cathy and Lori ~ I'll be emailing you later today for you addresses and will post later about your prizes.
Thanks for playing along. I enjoyed hearing from all of you and will be around to visit everyone's blogs by the weekend.
And I want to say thank you to etsy seller BraytonDsg including my Vintage Ivory French Paper Wreath in their treasury! Isn't the whole collection dreamy? I got home from grocery shopping a little while ago and had an email from this etsy member letting me know about the treasury. I am honored and wanted to share with you. When you have time, browse through the treasuries ~ I love how the curators choose themes and titles for the treasuries.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back-tracking and Moving Forward...

(Vintage Ivory French Paper Wreath is available at Simple Joys Paperie)
There have been so many things I wanted to mention, people to thank for their kind words, and things to show you. You know how life is ~ as wonderful as it is, it is sometimes overwhelming and there's just not enough time in the day (even if you get up at 5am stay up till 1am!). This post may seem scattered (like most of my others, lol!) but I am going to try to make mention of several things in this one to catch up and then move on.....
Vintage Indie ~ Featured my Little Goat Vintage Paper Wreath ~ here. It has SOLD ~ thank you!
Stephanie / Primitive Folk Art ~ listed my doll in her etsy treasury here: (oops! I just checked the link and it has expired, sorry!). Thank you so much Stephanie!
Cheryl of Peaceful Blessings gave me The Lemonade Award ~ thank you Cheryl! Please stop by her blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy the visit! Oh and Cheryl ~ I love your blog banner!

And then of FlatWoods Folk Art asked to feature me in her Yummy Yummy Blog Discovery. Wow! I told her thank you but I was blushing from all the nice things she said! You may find it here:

I think that just about covers all the things I wanted to mention....

Oh wait! My new etsy shop is now open! About 2 hours before it was to debut last night, we had a major water leak which involved clearing out a large utility closet, cutting a 2' x 4' hole in the wall, and cutting out and putting in new pipes. Because of that, I didn't quite get everything listed that I had intended to list. I'll get those on one day this week. But come on over and have a look around at Simple Joys Paperie. The French text wreath at the top of this post, and the love token below are some of the new items available.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My 1st Giveaway of 2009!

UPDATE / Jan.27, 11:55pm: I got my days mixed up and thought tomorow was Tuesday! So.... the giveaway is officially closed and I will draw the winner tomorrow (Wednesday, 28th) around noon. Thanks everyone for playing along and mentioning it and my etsy shop on your blogs!
Hi everyone! A little birdie told me that now would be a wonderful time for a little giveaway.
So I thought I'd offer a set of six valentine cards as the prize.
These valentines feature high resolution copies of my original paper whimsy valentine that recently sold.
Now this giveaway is a guessing game.
Last fall I happened upon this gorgeous antique sofa and fell in LOVE with it! It was more than I wanted to, or could, pay, and so I asked if they could take any less. They gave a price, but it was still more than I was hoping. I went back a few weeks later and it was still there, same price. I waited several more weeks, thinking if it was still there, maybe it was waiting to come home with me and be a part of the sitting area of my workroom ~ wishful thinking on my part! I went back and it was marked down, I made an offer, and they met me half-way.... whoo-hoooo! Thing is, I was in my car and had to ask them to hold it for me. They did, and when I had the chance to use my husband's truck, I went to the shop, loaded it, and brought it home. It fit the space perfectly and was just the right color of brown! It's a little worn, but not very much at all, has the nice springs in the seat, and a very pretty design in the old fabric. The back (behind, against the wall) is in perfect condition too!

Here's the guessing game we will play and it's really very simple.
How much did I pay for it? It's in whole dollars, no change.
And no, Jenny (aka Jennu), if you're reading this, it wasn't my usual $3.00 limit, lol!

Oh and on a side note: that's the scarf and hat (on the sofa) that I recently crocheted. I had asked about the instructions in a previous blog post. I learned on this one, got the hat a little big, and won't use 100% acrylic next time, but all in all, I think they turned out pretty!

You have a chance at 3 entries and can use the same guess each time, or 3 different guesses, as the rules describe below:

1st guess: Leave a comment in THIS POST (the Jan.20th one), and tell me how much you think it cost. Guess between $5 and $100. Please make sure there's a link to get in touch with you, either in your profile, or put your email address in the comment.

2nd guess: Blog on your blog about this giveaway, linking back to this post. Let me know when you do this and I'll add your name a 2nd time.

3rd guess: Blog about my new etsy shop that will be opening on the 24th. It's called Simple Joys Paperie and can be found here: Please include a link to the shop. There's a little graphic at the top of the sidebar if you'd like to use it. Let me know when you do this and I'll add your name a 3rd time.

edited: Before I get more entries (only 2 now) I am making a change in the drawing. I realized chances would be very slim to guess the exact price from $5 - $100, so I decided I would take ALL guesses and put them in the drawing. I hope this is okay with all of you. If someone guesses the exact price, I'll do something for them too!
You have 1 week to enter. I'll close at 3pm central on Tuesday, the 27th, and will announce the winner later that night, around 6 or 7pm.

This isn't a grand prize, but I thought it would be fun and hope that the winner enjoys sending out Valentines! It's also a way to meet more bloggers and visit everyone's wonderful blogs.

Thanks for reading through all this and happy blogging!

Honeysuckle Lane

Monday, January 19, 2009

Puzzle Purse Valentines

I have my first batch of Puzzle Purse Valentines ready for your perusal. These are so much fun (but time consuming) to make! You may read more about them and their history by clicking this link.

Check back tomorrow..... I have a guessing game giveaway planned....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UPDATES @ TDIPT Mercantile & Simply Primitives!

Both of these online markets have just updated. Be sure to browse all the wonderful, talented artists' shops!
I have Tokens of Love @ TDIPT Mercantile & Glass Bubble Charms @ Simply Primitives.
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Love Tokens are here!

I just listed more than 30 love token charms on my website tonight.
Come for a visit if you'd like to see...

Honeysuckle Lane Love Tokens
I also have some Valentine cards ready...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A peek at Love Tokens...

I thought I'd pop in today and share a few charms that will be the focal pieces of some necklaces that I have in the works. I am excited about all the things I've been working on for Valentine's Day!
The upper respiratory infection I had during Christmas came back with a vengence the first of January and stayed with me for several days. It's about gone now, but sure made me feel yucky and made it very hard to work or have a creative thought in my brain. But as it cleared up, I started working, and have made about 40 soldered love token charms!
Even that silly turkey wants a peek!

This is out my kitchen window... he's on the porch rail helping himself to the sunflower seeds in the feeder!

I may have mentioned it in my previous post, that I will have several Love Token charms for sale on the evening of the 10th on my website. I will also have Valentine related items on TDIPT Mercantile and Simply Primitives on the 15th (see sidebar for links). And last but not least, I have a new etsy shop opening on the 15th called Simple Joys Paperie.

Have a blessed day!
Honeysuckle Lane

Monday, January 5, 2009

Valentines already?

My goodness ~ time sure does go by fast! Christmas came and went, 2009 is here, and I am working on Valentines! I have already gotten requests, so it's never too early for LOVE!

I have several types of Love Tokens that I have made for several years now and am going to be busy today soldering an ironstone bowl full of Love Token Charms, then I'll be moving on to my Puzzle Purse Valentines and Handwoven Paper Valentines. I have been honored to have my Puzzle Purse Valentines listed (with some photos) in a few issues of Early American Life magazine. You may see the publications list here.
I'll be sure to let you know when all my items are ready for purchase, as some will be on my website and some in my etsy shop, and once in a while I have an exclusive offer for my email list. If you'd like to sign up for my email list, just visit my website and click on the mailing list button.

Thanks for checking in!

Take Care & God Bless,



Honeysuckle Lane