Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tonight at 6pm central, I will have all the remaining pieces from the Lavender Festival for sale on my website ~ Honeysuckle Lane. The silk ribbon pillows and the ribbon flowers will be on the Needlework page. I also made little lavender baskets with vials of lavender oil, similar to my May Dew Gathering Baskets, and these will be listed on the Whimsies page. Several of you had asked me to let you know what was left since you lived too far away to attend ~ and tonight's the night! I'll take orders in the order received, phone calls and emails are welcome.

I'd better get busy getting things ready...

Have a beautiful day!

Take Care & God Bless,


p.s check back in a few days to hear how the festival & Suzanne's visit went and to see photos...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lavender Festival ~ update

I will be working non-stop on items for the Lavender Festival ~ see a sneak peek at the left of this page. I'm attaching a scan of the flyer with all the festival info for those of you that may want to attend. If for some reason it doesn't enlarge for you, visit my website to view it. If time permits, I'll be back to post again this month. If not, please check back sometime between June 28th and July 1st ~ I hope to have new things to share and hope to update the look of my blog for the summer.
update ~ How could I forget to tell you??? My dear friend, Suzanne of Painter of the Past & Pear Tree Primitives, is coming from Idaho to stay with me during the festival! Little does she know, I am putting her to work since my daughter won't be here to help me that weekend, lol! A few more ladies that we know through online markets (The Eclectic Artisans, Simply Primitives, and TDIPT/To Dwell in Primitive Thymes) will be dropping by to visit us at the festival. I'm more excited about seeing everyone than I am about selling there!

Look around you today and see how many Simple Joys you have been blessed with...

Take Care & God Bless,