Saturday, April 22, 2023

Flowers Galore


I suppose my love of flowers comes from my mom. She loved flowers and even though we moved a lot, she always managed to have a few little flower beds around the house and yard. She worked hard digging the ground with a mattock, then planting, watering, weeding. Whether there was one bloom or many, she loved her flowers.

It seems like nearly everything I make has florals… art, quilts, key fobs, and zipper bags. She would be proud!

If you’d like something special and unique for Mother’s Day, visit Honeysuckle Lane to see all of my handmade products.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Spring Has Sprung!


Spring is here (cue the little lambs in the green meadows!) and I still haven’t finished the crochet project I mentioned in my last post. Oh well, maybe I’ll have it finished by fall!

I began a small project to transfer my lavender linocut art to digital art. My plan was to have it printed on fabric and note cards. It takes a lot of time to hand print each piece of fabric or card. Having digital files allows me to print in bulk, and then I have time to work on other projects.

I enjoyed working with the Procreate app so much that it just snowballed and now I have a few dozen artworks to offer as prints and note cards! I still paint with acrylic and watercolor, but this is just one more way of sharing the things I enjoy doing. You can find my art at Honeysuckle Lane.