Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Remains of the Day - after the Lavender Festival

Hi everyone!

The Lavender Festival is over and I have listed several of the Remains of the Day items as I do each year afterwards. I was going to list several other items, but they either sold out or are going to a shop soon. These are the only new paintings on canvas that are left. I have shown three here to give you an idea of what you'll find.

We had gorgeous weather! It was a bit warm later in the afternoon, but a breeze nearly all day made it bearable. Thank you so much to those of you that came to see me. I always enjoy visiting with you! :)

I would love to share photos, but we forgot the camera. So I have no photos at all of my booth. Oh well, maybe next year!

The new paintings are listed in my Honeysuckle Lane Big Cartel shop. No need to email me unless you have a question. Just add items to your cart and purchase... and shipping is a flat $6 no matter how much you order!

Have a wonderful week!

Take care & God bless,

Friday, June 10, 2016

Getting Ready for the Lavender Festival

 The Lavender Festival is only a week away! I have been busy getting things ready... matting original watercolors (shown above) and painting some new little lavender art (see below).

Since it's a festival all about lavender , I figured I'd focus on... what else... lavender! Believe it or not, in the past I didn't have very many lavender themed items at the festival.

But this time I'll have acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, fine art prints, hand block printed note cards, and sachets.... all with LAVENDER on them! :)

I will have other handmade items that don't have a thing to do with lavender, just in case the shoppers are looking for something else.

If you are near Oak Ridge, TN on June 18th, come by and see me at The Lavender Festival!

Have a blessed weekend,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Whale of a Tale Papercutting

I thought I'd do something different for the Early Work Mercantile update... and thought I had until I started looking through my past folk art pieces. Technically, it is different from the others, but it is whale folk art and it goes with the theme of some of my other pieces: a whale's tail pipe box and a whale pincushion.

The background paper is water colored and aged parchment paper. The whale is parchment paper that has been printed with a copy of an indentured servant letter from the late 1700s. The ship is made from a vintage book fly leaf page that has a wood grain design. The other pieces are various vintage papers from my stash.

Now that I've done this one, I think I want to try more whale papercuttings. First I need to find a few more small frames... wish me luck! :)