Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Victoria & Cottage Quilts

I’m so glad I subscribed to Victoria again! I always loved taking the time to rest and drink my coffee, and look at / read each and every beautiful page. And look, the latest issue coordinates with the quilt I’m making!

🌸Just a little fun fact about me and Victoria: 20 years ago my Beekeeper pillow was featured in Victoria magazine! I was so excited to see it in print!

More than 20 years ago I had a subscription to Victoria and kept every single issue. I had stacks of them. Then during a cleaning frenzy a few years ago (that doesn’t happen that often, to be honest πŸ˜‰), I gave away all my issues but one! I have always regretted that. Recently, I have been looking for old issues at used book stores. I want my collection back!
Victoria magazine, can you forgive me for my lapse of judgment and moment of weakness? 🀦🏻‍♀️

Now, as for the quilt I’m working on… 


I was finally getting back into blogging again.
I wrote a lot more in this post, going into detail about the new quilt, the vintage fabrics I used, etc.
and when I hit publish, it all disappeared!

Maybe when this quilt is finished, I’ll write more.

Thanks for visiting. No one comments anymore, so I’m not sure if anyone still visits blogs. Let me know sometime if any of you are still around. If you are having trouble commenting on my blog, try emailing me lanamanis@gmail.com.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

So…I thought I’d share photos of all the snow we got here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee since January 2022! ❄️πŸ˜€

I think it snowed eight or nine different days!

Our last snow was just a week ago. We got 7 1/2 inches! 

I’ve been working on another cottage style quilt. I’ll share it in just a few more days.
And since spring is almost here, there’s so much to do outside. And then there’s the Lavender Festival to start painting for, and making block printed cards, and lavender sachets… oh, dear! So much to do, so little time!

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Cottage Style Quilt


I recently finished this quilt. I think it’s my new favorite!

I’ll be listing it in my Honeysuckle Lane shop soon,
but if you are interested, send me an email for all the details.

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