Monday, November 24, 2008

Join us for TEA! ~ updated & updated again

Thank you for your response! More snowfolk have sold and I've taken orders for Vintage Ivory Wreaths and Glittered Parchment Cones ~ but there is an angelic choir and a Wee Lit'l snowman remaining.


Update ~ Both of my items at The Eclectic Artisans have SOLD, but I do have a few more Snow Folk on my website. Just click on the Snow Folk photo above to see what's left.

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The Eclectic Artisans' fourth and final web show this year is now open! You may see all our winter wares here.

My Snow Angel has already sold this morning, but I have a Snow Man still available at TEA and a few more on the DOLLS page of my website. I hope to have photos of them up by noon. We had a tinsel shortage and are waiting for the mailman to save the day, lol!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Brrrr~ It's soooo cold!

It's sooo c-c-c-old that my little candle has icicles on it! See in the pic above?
Ok, I know many of you bloggers are laughing ~ it's not THAT cold here in TN compared to where you live. But all of a sudden, here on the plateau, we are having night time temps in the teens and day time temps in the 30s and I'm freezing! We keep the heat set at 68, but have a ventless gas fireplace that stays on to keep it a little warmer in the house. I used to wear shorts or capris and a T and go barefoot all year long here at home, but this fall I've been wearing my flannel jammies, sweats, socks, fuzzy houseshoes, and I'm still cold! I think it's old age, after all I am forty one. No, I'm not ashamed of my age, but it just seems old now, especially when it physically hurts, lol! My fingers and toes are so cold that they hurt, my joints ache and pop when I move around... maybe I need to move where it's warm all year long... my daughter would love that! All right, I'm through complaining. I could live where it's below zero ~ then I really would be cold!

I suppose the cold weather does have it's advantages ~ it has put me in the mood to make some of my snowfolk for the next TEA webshow! hosted by The Eclectic Artisans! I will have 2 items on TEA, but hope to have a few more on my website the same day. I have a link on my sidebar, but you may visit using this link too.

If you like sweet little vintage Christmas ornaments made from spun cotton, sequins and beads, chenille, etc., you may want to check out my eBay auctions. I have one set there now, but hope to add a few more in the next week or so. I am deciding whether to put more on eBay, or just sell for a set price on etsy. I'll let you know when and where.

If you are near the Victorian village of Rugby, TN on November 28th, stop by and see me! I will be set up in the Commissary (upstairs) selling my handmade wares. Follow this link to read about it, get directions, etc.
Thanks for stopping by, and come again soon!
And stay WARM!!!
Take Care & God Bless,
Lana of Honeysuckle Lane


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is it mid-November already???

Boy time sure flies when you're having fun.... or when you need to get a gazillion things done in 3 days! The latter seems to be the case once Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon.
I have been working feverishly to get all my handmade items ready for the online markets of which I am a member, and to list everything and then some on my website and in my etsy shop.
The first photo is of my offerings at TDIPT Mercantile. The theme is "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and everyone made at least one item in shades of white, ivory, or cream. The wreath and cones have already sold and all that remain in this set are the silk ribbon embroidered Snowdrop pillows.
The next photo is of my offering at The Primitive Gathering. I chose to do a Victorian Christmas theme there. I made another paper wreath, this time from vintage Christmas sheet music, sheet music cones, and Victorian stockings made from vintage fabric.

The last Christmas set is at Simply Primitives and is an Americana Christmas theme. I have made 2 sets of ticking stockings, embellished with wool pennies and antique buttons, and an Americana Belsnickel. The Belsnickel sold last night.

I have also been making vintage assemblage jewelry! I LOVE doing this! I have collected all sorts of trinkets and treasures over the years ~ I'm still collecting them ~ and have spent the last few weeks putting pieces together for my website and for my etsy shop. They are listed on both (or will be soon ~ I running a little behind), but if something should sell on etsy, I will mark it sold on my website, and vice versa.
First is a piece I adore and won't be disappointed if it doesn't sell. It's called Sea Glass Serenade. I have used a vintage French perfume bottle, antique and vintage glass beads, handmade chian links, and lots more! Visit my website to see all the detailed photos.

This one, below, is called Bottled Frost ~ I've filled the miniature apothecary jar with clear and silver German glass glitter.

Next, is Aged Ironstone. We live where an old homeplace was situated in the 1930s and every time it rains or we plow the garden, we find more glass and pottery shards.

This one is called Key to Past Times. It's not in this photo, but when you go to my website, you can see the antique key on the necklace.

Vintage Amber is next, because of the miniture amber apothecary jar and amber glass beads used, as well as the overall color of this unique piece.

And last, but not least, is C is for Cherish (or commitment, or Catherine, or Connie... you decide!)

Now you see why I haven't been blogging much lately. I enjoy visiting everyone and reading what you have been up to, but I have had a ton of work to do. I have another webshow coming up on the 24th and a local one day show at Rugby on the 28th, but I will do my best to get around to visiting soon.
Have a blessed day!
Honeysuckle Lane

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking for....

...back issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry. I'm a junk store / yard sale kinda gal and don't want to pay the near new prices for used issues I'm finding on ebay. I guess you could call me cheap... no, I don't like that.... thrifty maybe? lol!
If you have some that you're ready to pass on just email me, with your prices and issues, using the contact info in my profile.

I've been working on assemblage jewelry, putting to use all the trinkets and baubles I have collected over the years, thinking someday I'll use it. Guess what? Someday has finally arrived!!! I hope to have a small collection ready to show on the evening of the 14th, just in time for Christmas shopping.

Thanks for stopping by ~ I've had folks asking about the baby chick (she's not a baby anymore!) and Smokey and Tweedle Dum ~ I'll have something on my blog about them by the weekend.
Update ~ My cards are featured on Today's Primitive Home this week! Be sure to visit TPH!

Take Care & God Bless,

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane