Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo Caption Contest & Puppy Vet Fund!

Hi everyone! Who can resist a cute puppy? Evidently we (my family and I) find it especially hard to resist TWO cute puppies! These little rascals have recently made their home here with us and are always providing some sort of entertainment. They are cute, energetic, curious, and are the objects of several recent photo shoots. Although the above photo isn't the perfect pose or completely in focus, it is humorous! I thought it would be fun to let you come up with a caption for it. The winner will receive 2 handmade items from Honeysuckle Lane Folk Art: a felted flower pin or ribbon flower pin of your choice and a set of cards of your choice. Also, if you are notified as the winner, let me know if you own a dog or a cat and the pups and I will send a treat for their fellow canine or feline friend, too!

To enter, just leave a comment with a caption for the above photo. Make sure to include your email address or a link back to your blog or website so that I may contact you if you are the winner. The winning caption will be announced on the evening of Saturday, March 17th. Good luck!

The contest is now closed. Things were busy over the weekend and I didn't have a chance to choose a winner. I'll be back by the weekend to announce who won! :)

Feel free to click one of the share links at the end of this post to tell your friends on twitter, facebook, etc. about the photo caption contest.

Now, here's the story of the pups: Late into the night on February 1st, I thought I heard a car in the driveway, but by the time I found a flashlight and went outside on the porch, I didn't see or hear anything. I went back to bed and never thought another thing about it... until morning. We got up, had coffee, and Roger left for work, or so I thought. In just a couple minutes he came back to the door and said we had company... and there were two of the cutest pups I have ever seen!



I can't imagine someone wanting to get rid of them, but that may be what happened the night before when I heard a car outside, or maybe that was just a coincidence.

Regardless, no one ever claimed them or came looking for them. Now that more than a month has passed, we have adopted them as our own! We named them Rufus (left) and Buddy (right).

I think you'll be seeing more and more of them on the blog. They are just too adorable and comical ~ I can't keep from taking photos of them every few days.

They love playing with the old shoes I gave them...

and they always want the same bone...

Once.... and I mean once in a great while they will calm down long enough for me to get a few non-blurry photos like this one...

or this one...

Otherwise, they look like this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

Hmmm, I think I see a pattern here. Maybe Rufus is the one that can't be still!

We are just starting with vet care. The first vaccinations were today and there are more to follow soon, as well as having them neutered as soon as they are old enough. I bought a pet carrier Sunday afternoon and Rufus and Buddy actually took to it very well and traveled without incident in the car on the way to the vet. We'll leave the actual visit inside the vet's office for another post. ;-)

So this brings me to the puppy vet fund part of this blog post. I hadn't planned on making any more handmade items for at least a couple months other than what I make for the Lavender Festival in June and we certainly hadn't planned on taking care of more animals for a while. To help with the unexpected costs, proceeds from my website and Etsy shop sales (of items already made as well as vintage items) will go to help fund the immediate and near future vet care of Rufus and Buddy. If you are shopping for a unique, handmade item AND want to contribute to the care of these sweet pups, feel free to shop with us! :) You may find links to all my handmade items for sale HERE. You may also find a few randomly discounted items on my facebook pages here and here.

Rufus and Buddy thank you from ends of their cute puppy noses to the tips of their constantly wagging tails!

That's it for now... and don't forget to leave an entry for the photo caption!

Take care and God bless,
{and Rufus and Buddy}


  1. So adorable! Here's my caption:

    "And then they lure you into the carrier with a little piece of cheese - but don't take it - it's a trick! You're not going for a car-ride, you're going to the VET!"


  2. Oh Lana I could resist keeping them either. I so wanted to get a rescue this winter but with the cats its a tough call. i love Buddies blue and brown eyes. They both are just adorable.
    ok my caption.." What you don't like my singing?"


    1. Lana,

      When I saw this picture I giggled out loud. The first thought that ran through my head was, "How many times I gotta tell you!?" So thats my caption.


  3. "... and then, the Vet had the nerve to say something about my breath! Do you smell garrrrrrrrrrrlic??"

  4. "Hey bud, you don't have to shout, I'm not deaf you know."

    Do we win Ruffus. He has a home here anytime. I love that little guy. Awww... Buddy, I love you too I'm just partial to the fuzzy kind.

    Lana you pictures look fantastic! Wishing the best for these 2,they are adorbale!! Hugs~~Pam

  6. I will never get tired of seeing pics of this gorgeous blue eyed dogs I can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up.

  7. Rufus, I'm practicing for my American Idol audition...."FLY ME TO THE MOON, LET ME SING AMONG THOSE STARS"......

  8. "your using that selective hearing again!!!!"

  9. LOL! These are great!

    Don't think so, Jan. Rufus (and Buddy) are here to stay! :-)

  10. FOR THE THIRD TIME....Take out the trash.


    kslogan at

  11. We have both been blessed with such sweet creatures of Gods creation. So happy that Rufus and Buddy found their way to your home and Baxter to mine. Phoebe loves her new brother and your two are such happy little characters. I can't wait to see what they look like when they are all grown up but they don't have to rush into that. I love puppyhood.

  12. "She said you "smell a little FUNNY" ! NOT you "smell like HUNNY" . . ..
    BUT . . . even if you smell like a dog . . . I love you anyway!

    Happy puppy kisses!
    Lori Ann

  13. They are adorable and hardly look like litter mates... double trouble for sure!
    'What do you mean you can't hear me... that guy that dropped us off that night said this looks like it will be the right house.'
    The two of them are blessed, you've opened your home and your hearts.
    Susan x

  14. "She wants the vet toooo CUT WHAT OFF!!"

    They are adorable, Lana!

  15. .........LUCKY DOGS!!!!

    They are just too cute Lana, have fun with them.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  16. I'm in love with Rufus and Buddy! I spotted them first on Pinterest!

    I wanted to let you know, I gave your blog an award. If you chose to accept, you can grab it from today's post. I will not be offended if you don't. I know a lot of blogs are Award Free these days.

  17. Hi Lana ~ very sweet puppies. Who knows why a sweet animal falls into our lives, no matter how or why, it is always a blessing!

    Caption for the photo:

    Can you HEAR me NOW?!


  18. Yes, she said she'd keep us!!!!!

  19. Great puppies!

    "No, the vet said, 'CUT YOUR ---- OFF, NOT TALK YOUR EAR OFF!'"

    You have a great blog.


  20. He is saying, "Can you hear me yet"

  21. Rufus:
    "THAT'S what "neutered" means??!!"

    :> )

  22. “Hey do you want to know a secret!”

  23. "Rufus, turn up your hearing aid, its me, Buddy". They just called us for breakfast, but you wait here and I'll bring it back for the both of us!!

  24. Lana,
    Wonder if those two know how lucky they are you have them. I can't think of any better home for them and may you enjoy them for many years. I lost my Corgi suddenly three weeks ago to the renal failure. In 30 years, this is the first time I don't have a best buddy. But I will be picking up my new Corgi this weekend from a breeder who wanted to place one of her older, retired show dogs. Can't wait!!!

    I can almost hear the conversation they are having:

    "Oh yeah, well Mom loves me more than you!! So there, doodoo breath!"