Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chicken update, blackberry pickin', giveaway hint...

Since early spring, Buffy had been begging me to let her have some eggs in her nest. Each time I'd go gather them, she'd pouff up and make soft clucking sounds. I kept apologizing, explaining that I needed the eggs for breakfast, and cakes, and cornbread, and to give to the neighbors. She understood and let me take them, never pecking my hand like one of the other girls used to do. But she kept begging ~ she even got Henny Penny to help her beg, so then I had two hens asking to keep the eggs when it was time to gather them! Finally I gave in. After all, the girls are old and egg production is down quite a bit. It wouldn't hurt to have a few babies hatch and by next spring, they would be old enough to start laying ~ IF they are hens and not roosters!

The day I let her keep a few eggs, Pierre (above) had to keep peeking in to see what we were up to. I was marking Buffy's eggs with an X. We wanted to be sure which eggs were hers.
Fast forward about 21 days. Unfortunately only one of three made it, but it is a sweetie and Buffy is such a good Mama! I'll share some photos of it in a few days.

Since the chickens have stayed in the pen all summer, Tweedle Dum stays close by the pen, pacing back and forth, usually stalking Pierre. I know what Pierre is thinking.... "Boy, you'd better be glad you're on THAT side of the fence!"

Below are photos I took of Pierre and Eowyen a while back. It was so sweet ~ he would pick little bits off a plant, lean his head down to hers, and she would get the food from his beak. He did this for several minutes. Pierre is certainly considerate of all the ladies in the chicken pen! When I take them fresh water, he stands there with them, but waits until all the girls drink before he does.

Had I mentioned picking blackberries? Forgive me if this is a repeat. I'm going through photos on my pc, trying to post something I haven't already talked about. A few weeks ago I picked some blackberries at my childhood homeplace and made blackberry dumplings. I hadn't made any in years but these were delicious ~ especially with ice cream! I wouldn't mind having more this week. Maybe I'll drop by to see if there are any berries left to be picked.

and before I end this post... here's a visual hint about the giveaway prize:

Keep those ideas coming in and post them here. I'm certainly enjoying reading them and taking notes.

I'd better get busy, I have a couple more orders to finish up and then I have something new that I'm working on. It's something that I'd wanted to try for a long time, but just never found the time. I still haven't found time ~ I just had to re-prioritize and sleep a couple hours less, lol!

Take Care & God Bless,



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Icons, Motifs, Objects, & Symbols ~ GIVEAWAY!

9/15 6pm ~ CLOSED to ENTRIES ~ I'll print off all the names, cut them apart, and draw the winner's name later tonight..... thanks so much for all the WONDERFUL ideas!
Update to this post ~ I decided to thank you for your help by having a drawing on September 15th. Everyone who comments and lists a few favorite objects, icons, etc. will automatically be entered. If you mention this on your blog, link to this post, and let me know, I will add your name twice! I will award the winner with a handmade gift ($10 - $15 value) ~ something I make from all the ideas I will be getting from this post. It might be a surprise... and then again... I may let you know a little closer to time. Thanks for playing along!
(fleur de lis image from

I'm curious ~ what are some of your favorites? I'm always trying to think of ways to incorporate well-loved items in my work. So, can you think of one thing... but give me a list of 2 or 3 or more... say for instance.... a crown, a beeskep, a fleur de lis... a dove, a nest, an egg. What images do you like to use in your home decor, or maybe something you use on your correspondence, or wear on your purse or t-shirt.... I am looking forward to seeing your list! Tip: don't try to think too hard ~ just list what comes to mind when you think of some of your favorite things...


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Autumn ~ just around the corner

...and I'm already looking forward to it! I've been working on Autumn themed watercolors for several days now. These are my latest and will be available on the 15th at Simply Primitives, The Primitive Gathering, and TDIPT Mercantile. Check the sidebar where Honeysuckle Lane wares are sold for links. After several requests, I'm working on making needlepunch embroidery patterns from some of my fraktur inspired paintings. Thanks for the push, uhhhh, I mean encouragement!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Simple Joys...

Nothing new to share ~
family ~
work ~
the garden ~
and the animals ~
are keeping me busy.
Please enjoy these lovely poems ~
and photos of simple joys here at home...

"O Spirit of the Summertime!

Bring back the roses to the dells;

The swallow from her distant clime,

The honey-bee from drowsy cells.
Bring back the friendship of the sun;

The gilded evenings, calm and late,

When merry children homeward run,

And peeping stars bid lovers wait.
Bring back the singing;

and the scent Of meadowlands at dewy prime;

Oh, bring again my heart's content,

Thou Spirit of the Summertime!"

~ by William Allingham ~


"Fairest of the months!

Ripe summer's queen

The hey-day of the year

With robes that gleam

with sunny sheen

Sweet August doth appear."

~ by R. Combe Miller ~


"Whilst August yet wears her golden crown,

Ripening fields lush- bright with promise;

Summer waxes long, then wanes, quietly passing

Her fading green glory on to riotous Autumn."

~ Michelle L. Thieme, August's Crown ~

"How sociable the garden was.

We ate and talked in given light.

The children put their toys to grass

All the warm wakeful August night."

~ Thomas Gunn, Last Days at Teddington ~


"What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."

~ Jane Austen ~


continuing to enjoy the summer...

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


...for my dear friend Suzanne of Pear Tree Primitives. When you get a chance, be sure to pop over to her blog and wish her a very happy birthday!!!

And no ~ I can't tell her age ~ we're friends and friends don't even mention the "A" word, lol!


Friday, August 1, 2008

I WON! & see what's new tonight...

I think Blogger is messing with me today. First it published my blank post, when all I had was the title, then I had a few paragraphs typed up and was going to add a photo and it all disappeared ~ even the draft! So, let's try again.....
I'm not even going to talk about corn and beans in this post, except to tell you that I'm not mentioning them, lol! See? I can't get away from the garden for a minute! Although, when I said in another post that I'd probably dream about corn ~ I didn't ~ I dreamed about painting the house ~ and I have absolutely no idea why!
My reason for writing today is two-fold. First, I won Jacquelynne's giveaway! Look at all the gifts that were in the box I received! She is a wonderful artist as well as a very sweet lady. Be sure to go visit her and browse her new online shop while you're there. See the two pins? She made those! And all the card sets? She painted the originals and had cards made from her artwork! She also included one of her patterns and a couple of really good books for me to read. Thank you Jacquelynne!!!

My second reason for writing today is to let you know I will have new items for sale on my website tonight. There will be watercolor frakturs, a new Autumn twist on my Bird in Hand pieces, and some sweet pincushions that I made after seeing an antique that I couldn't afford and thought, "I can make those myself!" Set your clocks for 8pm central ~ that's when I'll update my website.

Thanks for visiting!