Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Picking Up the Pieces

That's what it feels like.
I have been gone from my blog since August 24th! I don't think I've ever left it alone for nearly 2 months before!

I've been busy, and not. I've been working like crazy, but it feels like I haven't accomplished much at all. Perhaps it's because I still have a long list of things to do and although I've been doing a lot, it wasn't things on my list.

I can't complain about it though. I've had LOTS of angel wings and velvet pumpkin orders coming in... so many that I've not been able to work on much else.

I did manage to take off this past Saturday and visit the Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville, TN for the first time! Jessica went with me and we spent most of the day strolling down the street, shopping the Artway. I loved it! And of course we had to stop at one of the many food booths and get a char-broiled burger, ribbon fries and sweet tea! I would share some photos of our day but someone forgot to put the memory card in her camera and I don't want to publicly humiliate her. ;-)

I made a few purchases, one of which was this gorgeous, heavy, white turquoise necklace by Crooked Creek Designs. The ladies there were so nice! My biggest regret at that booth was not buying a beautiful chunky necklace on the 50% off table. It was a lovely golden-yellow glass looking stone... maybe citrine, but I'm not sure.

I also bought a fun, whimsical item to display in my workroom. It's a bird egg made from alpaca hair by Fallen Leaf Farm Alpacas. I love it! I hung it in a little birdcage I bought a long time ago and it will go great with all the bird nests and eggs and feathers that I collect.

I had another purchase... one that I really loved even though it was the least expensive, but I broke it before I even left the festival! My first purchase was at a potter's booth, Julie Keepers of Covington, GA. She had made the sweetest business card holder that was glazed the prettiest robin's egg blue with little brown speckles and I had to have it --- it was only $6. It was wrapped in newspaper and placed in a shopping bag. Later, when I was looking at items in the Crooked Creek Designs booth, I tucked the bag under my arm. After some time, I reached to pick up a piece of jewelry, forgetting that I had the bag under my arm, and it hit the pavement. I nearly cried when I saw it had shattered. :(

Jess, being the optimist that I tried to raise her to be :), suggested that I salvage the pieces and make soldered charms from them, similar to the charms I make from the old pottery pieces I find on our property. I think I'll do just that! Thanks, Jess! :)

The festival was such a wonderful experience, the atmosphere was great, they had top-notch artists and performers --- Train, Darius Rucker, and Lauren Alaina to name a few, and Maryville is a lovely old college town. I am thinking about applying for a vendor booth next year. It's a 3 day event and a little farther from home, but I think I'm ready. :)

I hope you are enjoying October and taking time to smell the fresh air and watch the colorful leaves twirl and dance to the ground.......

Take care and God bless,