Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Sneak Peek...

These items will be offered December 1st on The Primitive Gathering. For the month of December, all of the PG artists will do their updates on the 1st, then everyone will update again on January 15th. We will resume our bi-monthly schedule in February. Sometimes our webmistress is able to update on the eve of the scheduled date. So, you may want to check late Friday night to see if things are uploaded yet.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Charms, Charms, and MORE Charms!

The Christmas Craft Fair continues (see my previous post) and I have made Christmas themed ornaments for my ebay auctions. Some of them have actual vintage Christmas wrapping papers for the artwork. I only have a couple of sets listed today, but will have several more listed tonight by 8:30 pm central time. You may see my auctions here.
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Friday, November 23, 2007


Simple Joys Soldered Charms ~ $17 each plus shipping

(to purchase email me at

To see larger photos click here.

All of my charms have a high quality sepia print of an antique photograph from my collection of photos from the late 1800s and early 1900s. They have a word collage on the back, which includes vintage letter or word cards, old dictionary pages, snippets from vintage holiday wrapping paper, etc. The background behind the word collage is a decorative, textured cardstock.

Finishes: Some of the soldered charms have been given a blackened patina. Others have been left silver, but a black patina can be applied at no extra cost. A copper patina has been applied to #14 (but I could not get it to take on a ball chain).

Chains: You may choose a 24" ball chain, a coordinating ribbon, or a scrolled hanger to go with each charm. Ball chains and scrolled hangers are nickel plated, and may be aged with a black patina if desired. Ribbons vary, but you may choose one that you see in the examples as long as supplies last.

Sizes: #1 is 1 ½” square, all the rest are 1” x 3”

All are made with lead-free solder.

Use as a necklace, an ornament, a rear view mirror pendant, etc.

1. Harriet & Harry ~ SOLD, thank you!
2. Noel ~ vintage wrapping paper of gold embossed “N”, copy of old song sheet, black patina
3. Laurel ~ vintage wrapping paper of gold embossed L”, dictionary page, silver finish
4. Gambler ~ old dictionary page; black patina
5. Teacher ~ school word card, black patina
6. Bookish ~ old dictionary page, silver finish
7. Dapper Dan ~ school word card, dictionary page, silver finish
8. Dear Jane ~ school word cards, silver finish
9. Pensive Lady ~ old dictionary page, silver finish
10. Papa ~ school word card, dictionary page, silver finish
11. Our Love ~ school word cards, silver finish
12. Marriage ~ dictionary page, silver finish
13. Love ~ SOLD, thank you!
14. Daughter ~ SOLD, thank you!
15. Baby ~ school script letter cards, silver finish
16. Oh tiny Baby ~ school word cards, dictionary page, silver finish
17. Sweet Pea ~ SOLD, thank you!
18. Little Princess ~ gold embossed vintage wrapping paper (for crown), dictionary page, silver finish
19. Girl ~ school script letter cards, silver finish
20. Sweet William ~ dictionary page, silver finish
21. Boy ~ school script letters, silver finish
22. Little Prince ~ gold embossed vintage wrapping paper (for crown), dictionary page, silver finish
23. My Little Man ~ SOLD, thank you!
24. Dashing through the Snow ~ sheet music, silver finish
25. Frosty ~ SOLD, thank you!

Be sure to visit Shabby in the City for more participating bloggers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Whimsies

Dreamy ~ Creamy Winter Whites
are what I offer you tonight!

When I showed my friend my new creations and told her they were cream instead of white (we were supposed to do a White Christmas theme), she called them “dreamy ~ creamy”!

I have whimsical, magical cones waiting for you on eBay:

A few more fun & fancy whimsies will be added to my auctions over the next several days. If you’d like, add me to your favorite sellers list to be notified when I have something new on eBay.

I have sparkling parchment cones and sweet stockings with note cards to match at the Mercantile. These will upload late tonight and will definitely be there on the morning of the 15th:

A little more prim, yet whimsical, are the vintage ticking stockings and tarnished tinsel cones at The Primitive Gathering. These, too, will upload late tonight or early Thursday morning:

If by chance you should want something and can’t email me through either website, just contact me at

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coming Soon...

A Happy Sunday to everyone! We woke up to 31 degrees and a beautiful sparkly frost here in Tennessee this morning. Chilly mornings with the ground and trees glistening like glass glitter really puts one in the holiday spirit.
The photos are of some things I've made for the two online markets that I participate in ~ they will be available November 15th. Please check back then for links to the updated webpages. Besides Christmas stockings, whimsy cones, and cards of antique baby photos, I will be offering more one of a kind designs to those on my mailing list. If you'd like to be notified when I have new items and be one of the first to see them, please email me ( and request to be added to my mailing list.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That...

That was the subject of an email I recently received from a dear friend and customer. She was thinning out her collection of linens and things and was sending me a few items. Well I was not prepared for the LARGE box that was delivered a few days later! There were scraps of old French sheets, exquisitely embroidered linens, tatted laces, everything was so beautiful and exactly the sort of things that I would have collected had I been the one to find them. I hope I conveyed to her just how happy I was to receive such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. Before long, I will share a few things I am making with some of the wonderful old pieces I was given. I'll give you a couple of hints: They are about 12" tall and wear lovely white dresses...
I'd like to share with you some artwork of another dear friend of mine, Suzanne Davis of Pear Tree Pimitives. I have more of her work, but this being Autumn, I thought I'd let you see a banner I recently got from her. It is perfect for my front door! If you'd like to see more of her wonderful paintings and dolls and such, please visit her current eBay auctions here, and visit her website here. She also sells on a couple of online markets and you will find those links on her website.