Friday, March 23, 2012

Sad Hearts

I had a post already written and saved as a draft to be posted today. I didn't know whether or not to let it go on as scheduled since I was supposed to announce a winner. The thing is, Rufus, Buddy's brother, was hit by a car late last night. Thankfully, if you can say that, it happened quickly and he was already gone by the time I got a flashlight and found him. That's all I can say. I don't know what else to say other than it's odd how two little, scruffy, tail-wagging, abandoned pups can show up at your house one morning and totally take over your life and heart in such a short time. I want to share a few of the many, many photos that I took of Rufus and Buddy yesterday when we were out in the yard and field playing.

Buddy already misses him. Until now, they were never apart. Thank you for letting me share Rufus (and Buddy) with all of you here on my blog and on Rufus and Buddy's facebook page. I suppose it will stay open and I will continue to share Buddy with you from time to time.

Since I had a giveaway winner to announce, today's original post will continue below rather than try to rewrite everything again another time.

Happy Friday!!!

Before everyone takes off for the weekend, I wanted to announce the winner Rufus and Buddy's Photo Caption Contest. There were so many funny ones and several sweet ones..... that you made it so hard to choose! Hence, I turned to the random number generator for the winner. Not all comments had a caption entry and a couple entered twice, so I weeded those out and that left 20 entries. Ready???

 Post  #4 ~ Cookie!!!
Cookie said...
"... and then, the Vet had the nerve to say something about my breath! Do you smell garrrrrrrrrrrlic??"
Congratulations, Cookie! You can choose a felted flower pin or ribbon flower pin of your choice and a set of cards of your choice. Also, let me know if you own a dog or a cat and the pups and I will send a treat for their fellow canine or feline friend, too!

Rufus and Buddy send puppy kisses to you ...well, as soon as they quit fetching that stick!!!!

Just send us your address so we can get your gifts to you asap! :)


Now on to the Vintage Goodies ~

I updated the Vintage pages of my website on March 17th. Some things have already sold, some are spoken for and I'm waiting for payment. Once paid, I'm removing the listings instead of just leaving them marked sold in case you wonder why there are some missing numbers on the items.

Here's a sample of what you will find there:

Thanks for stopping by ~
take care and God bless,


  1. Dear Lana. I am so sorry to hear about Rufus. How tragic a loss for you and Buddy. There just are no words, but hope that you and Buddy can give each other lots of love and strength at this sad time.

  2. ...Oh Lana, I am so, so, sorry. My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to you and dear Buddy at this time. Please find comfort in knowing you gave Rufus love, shelter and warmth when he had none and while his time with you was short, you held him for a little while.

    ...Sending love & ((hugs)) too.


    "Grieve not,
    nor speak of me with tears
    but laugh and talk of me
    as if I was beside you.
    I loved you so –
    ’twas heaven here with you."
    –I.P. Richardson

  3. Dear sweet Lana, I am so very sorry about your little Rufus!!! Sending you and Buddy big hugs and much love dear friend ~ xxoo, Dawn

  4. I am so sorry about Rufus! I know that you, your family, and Buddy will miss him terribly.

  5. I'm so, so very sorry . . . just know that he had the time of his life with you!


  6. LL, I have not been able to get you off my mind all morning. I'm trying to work in the office and my thoughts just continually go to your family and to Buddy. In such a short time, these two pip-squeaks found their way to your home and heart and immediately found a way into all of our hearts too! The joy they have brought to so many is beyond measure. Like you, I'm glad Rufus did not suffer. But I want to say I hope you continue the FB page dedicated to them ... Buddy needs you more than ever and I think it will be a source of great healing for you to carry on with the pictorial antics of his faithful sidekick, Buddy.

    TJ, what a beautiful poem... you have brought me to tears.

    I almost feel guilty in getting excited about the drawing - but truth be told, the winning is bittersweet. I will think of Rufus everytime I wear my pin. Thank you so much, my generous brokenhearted friend.

    My thoughts and prayers continue to lift you up to our Good and Gracious Lord.

  7. Dear Lana-I am so sorry for your loss...

  8. I am saddened by your loss.
    As time passes the pain will lessen and those beautiful eyes will be a memory you cherish.
    Buddy will stay close and need extra loving.
    May you find peace knowing that he has gone to the Lord.
    Susan x

  9. Oh Lana, I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. He will be missed dearly.

  10. I'm very sorry about Rufus. It just breaks my heart.


  11. Lana my heart breaks to hear of your loss of little Rufus. I know you gave him all the love you could.
    Big hugs to you and little Buddy


  12. Lana, oh how my heart broke when I heard what happened Rufus. But isn't it a blessing to have God's lil' furry creatures come into our lives and show us unconditional love? Even if it's only for a brief time. Their loving memories will stay with us forever. ♥
    Give Buddy a smooch for me.

  13. LL,
    My package arrived safely in the mail and I cannot thank you enough. Everything is absolutely beautiful and the colors are so springy and fresh. Each time I wear this sweet felted flower pin, I will think of your handsome Rufus.

    thank you so very much!