Friday, June 29, 2007

A Whimsical Collection

This collection is a bit of whimsy, a touch of vintage, and a smidgeon of folk art.

While working on a special order, I was thinking about how excited I was that Victoria magazine is being published again soon. Then I started thinking of all the lovely things in past issues and remembered a very fancy, scrolled, wire dome of some sort. Are you following me so far?

I thought, hmmm, I have some old rusty wire in my supplies... and there sits a dimpled strawberry pincushion that I never finished... and over there is a red papier mache box that is waiting to be added to something... and that's how this collection came to be.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Americana Make-Do Pincushions & more...

I'll be very busy this week working on several special orders, but wanted to take the time to let you know I have a couple new items at AFA (American Folk Art). Today AFA updated with an Americana / Patriotic theme. While there, be sure to look at all the other wonderful artists' items as well. You will probably recognize a few of my friends at AFA since I have their blogs listed at the left: Suzanne Davis of Painter of the Past / Pear Tree Primitives, Sylvia of Sylvia Anderson Folk Art, and Diane Allison-Stroud of Diane Allison Gameboards. Now, I'm off to work again...


Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Call for Dragonflies ~*~

I'll be adding just a few more pillows to my site by 10pm (central) tonight, finish up a few special orders over the next week or two, then pack everything up for the summer. I am excited that we will be remodeling the garage for a workroom! If anyone has any suggestions for organization, workspaces, lighting in workspaces, etc. I'd love to hear them.

The chicks... oh how they are growing! We finally had a really good and much needed downpour the other day. Afterwards, some of the chicks made themselves at home on the back porch rail and preened and fluffed their feathers. I normally shoo them off the porch, but they looked so sweet on there.

And oh my goodness! that silly turkey! A few mornings ago I was in the kitchen and heard "bam!...bam!!...bam!!!" I thought it was one of my teens in their bedroom hammering on the wall or something. It stopped... then it started again! I started through the doorway ready to ask what in the world was going on and saw that turkey at my front door! He started pecking away so hard I thought he would break the glass! Then I remembered... I had forgotten to feed him and turn out and feed the chickens and I guess he was letting me know! He came running to the chicken pen when I went down to feed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thank You!

A big thank you to all of you for the wonderful comments about my work and the support for my decision to cancel my booth this year. Everything has worked out for the best as I've sold many of the pillows and have taken many more orders for pillows and some of the other things I make. A few remain on my website if you'd like to take a peek.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I have added several new items to my Needlework page @ Honeysuckle Lane.

You will find antique mother of pearl buttons, antique and vintage lace, hand beaded dragonflies with iridescent organza wings, lavender, beebalm, daisies, bleeding hearts, and more!

All are one of a kind ~ I work free hand or sometimes sketch a design on the fabric with an air soluable marker then hand embroider the design. I don't make patterns, so all pieces are unique.

Thank you for visiting!

Take Care & God Bless,



Friday, June 15, 2007

Patriotic Garden Cards and more...

I belong to an online market called The Primitive Gathering. We update on the 1st and the 15th of each month. You are invited to come visit us and browse around.... believe me there are lots of unique handmade items to catch your fancy!

The items I have listed with them this month are Patriotic Garden Cards as well as silk ribbon needleworks for which I will be taking orders. Be sure to stop by and check out the Goode things page and our blog.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Change of Plans

Well after much thought and changing my mind many, many times in the course of a day, I made the decision to pull out of the Lavender Festival. There’s been so much going on here at home and with my family (my Mama's passing several months ago and my sister's cancer surgery and ongoing treatments), my heart just wasn’t in it as it should be. Rather than disappoint the customers with my half-hearted attempt at filling the booth, I called and cancelled. The owner of The Ferrell Shop who puts it all together was so kind and gracious and even told me she would save “my spot” for next year. She also said she’s had several people asking if I’d be there this year. For that reason I had all intentions of going, so I could see all the regulars who show up to visit with me, but at the last minute I thought, “this is ridiculous ~ I’m stressed and it will not be professional to show up with less than the usual inventory”, so I feel in my heart I made the right call. This is the first time since I've been doing the Lavender Festival that I won't be there, so I am sad about that.

Because of this change in plans, I will have several of silk ribbon embroidered items to offer on my website ~ bee balm, daisies, cone flowers, bleeding hearts, dragonflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees! Oh my!

Now…. Let me get back to work and I’ll be updating my website Saturday or Sunday! I'll be sending out an email when I update, so if you'd like to be notified, please visit my website and click on the mailing list link at the bottom.

Thank you to all who had previously sent messages about the upcoming show. It's a little embarrassing now that I'll be a "no-show", but your comments and wishes were and are still appreciated just the same!

~*~ Have a beautiful day ~*~

Take Care & God Bless,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lavender Festival

Ribbons & Sunrises

I'll tell you how the sun rose,

A ribbon at a time.

The steeples swam in amethyst,

The news like squirrels ran.

The hills untied their bonnets,

The bobolinks begun.

Then I said softly to myself,

"That must have been the sun!"

But how he set, I know not.

There seemed a purple stile

Which little yellow boys and girls

Were climbing all the while

Till when they reached the other side,

A dominie in gray

Put gently up the evening bars,

And led the flock away.

Emily Dickinson


I love that poem and think of it often when I am working on silk ribbon embroidery ~ and that beautiful sunrise is compliments of my sister. Early one February morning while on my way to her home, these glorious ribbons of color were rippling across the sky. I didn't have my camera with me, so when I got to her house, she said she had been watching it from her back porch and took several pictures and had emailed them to me.

This week I'm working as much as possible on my needlework, getting ready for an arts & crafts festival Saturday. Though I do enjoy designing and making the flowers bloom straight from my ribbon and needle, my heart just doesn't seem to be in it this year as before. The past several months of dealing with the passing of my Mom and the illness of one of my sisters seems to have taken a toll on my creative drive and is part of the reason I'll be taking a break from work for a few months. I'll be taking time for my family and myself and hope to come back late summer refreshed, rejuvinated, and ready to create and work again. I will continue with my blog, so be sure to check in or email me ~ I enjoy hearing from all the wonderful people I've met while blogging. You may also use the Feedblitz at top left or the Atom link at the bottom of the page to subscribe to be notified of new posts.
Thank you for visiting with me
have a beautifully blessed day.

(above: past needleworks I have done)


Monday, June 4, 2007

Meet My Friends...

There's not a lot of news here at home, same old thing, housework, housework, getting ready for a show in Oak Ridge, TN, more housework, yardwork, more housework ~ at least that's how it seems and I'm busy as a bee!

So, I'd like to take this "no news with me" opportunity to introduce you to a few of my friends. They have been such a blessing to me and are wonderful artists ~ they create from the heart and it shows in their work. If you visit their site or blog, please leave them a little note. Don't worry if you can't buy something at the time, just let them know you've been visiting and what you think of their handmade items. A kind word here and there really makes one's day, not only for the receiver, but for the giver as well.

Diane Allison-Stroud (reproduction gameboards & she's featured in Country Living's July issue!)

Diane's Blog


Carole's Country Store (rufus porter style muralist, antiques ~ wares & photography)

Carole's Blog


Nancy Gibbs ~ Jericho Mountain Folkart (early style dolls and Father Christmas)


Friday, June 1, 2007

Welcome June

A noise like of a hidden brook,

In the leafy month of June,

That to the sleeping woods all night,

Singeth a quiet tune.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


It is the month of June,

The month of leaves and roses,

When pleasant sights salute the eyes,

And pleasant scents the noses.

Nathaniel Parker Willis