Thursday, August 31, 2023

Déjà vu - Adding Etsy To My Shop Options - Again


Don’t want to bore you, but this is a business update of sorts.
Some of you noticed that I have added items to my Etsy shop recently, so here’s the reason…

I love having my own website, Honeysuckle Lane. And yes, there are expenses such as annual charges for a domain name and annual charges for hosting my shop on Shopify. The Shopify charges are increasing in September. And then there’s always PayPal fees when someone makes a purchase. One more thing is that no one knows my website exists if I don’t constantly blog(which I need to start again), post on Instagram, send newsletters, comment on other blogs and social media accounts, etc. Despite all that, I like being in control of my shop.

However, Etsy can reach scores of customers that I can not easily reach. The downside is Etsy charges so much in fees, fees for every aspect of selling and shipping and being paid. They also promote other shops at the bottom of my page, so I am constantly in competition on my own shop page. Having said all that, I decided to grin and bear it and try selling on Etsy as a secondary source of income. Because their fees take a bigger cut of my sales, some of my items on Etsy will be priced higher than on my website. I wanted to explain that so you would understand.

My handmade business has always been an outlet for me to be creative, but it has always been a source of income to allow me to be at home and available for my kids, parents, and now, grandchildren. Recently, my husband and his brother have had to step down from building houses, which was their job for more than 35 years. They both have had back surgeries and are now helping a local cabinetmaker, so once again, I am trying to keep my business afloat to supplement our income. It’s more than just a hobby, as is the case for many of you.

If possible, I’d love to have shoppers order from Honeysuckle Lane.
But if you prefer to shop on Etsy, you are more than welcome to shop Honeysuckle Lane on Etsy.

All these years I am so appreciative of all of my customers, many of which have been with me from my early days. I am blessed and so thankful for your business and most especially, your friendship.

Take care and God bless,