Sunday, May 29, 2016

Block Printed Lavender Sachets

Each year when people visit my booth, someone... usually several someones... picks up something I've made and sniffs it, thinking that it will be lavender scented. Very few times, in all the years I've done this show, have I made something that was scented. After having to explain at several shows that, no, my items aren't lavender scented just because they are sold at the Lavender Festival, I did put some lavender buds in a few embroidered pillows for a year or two, and I filled a few sheer drawstring bags with lavender to sell as little impulse purchases.

But this year will be different! :)

My block printed note cards sold very well last year and I thought I'd carry the lavender theme designs over to fabric... and make lavender sachets!

I made a few with turquoise ink since that was the only fabric ink I had on hand.

Once I got my order of violet fabric ink from Dick Blick, I began printing on more fabric. I'm using vintage pieces.... old damask table cloths and a lining from an antique damask curtain panel.

I've got to get all of the printing done this week so the ink will have time to cure before I sew and fill all the sachets.

I'll be ready when the customers visit my booth this year! ;)

Have a blessed week,

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Something New - Folk Art Eagle Pincushion Ornaments

Sometimes I just have to do something different. I may be right in the middle of something else and an idea strikes and I have to get it on paper... or fabric. Does that ever happen to you? It happened to me, and the patriotic eagle (above) was the result.

I've had this amazing antique piece (below) pinned for a while, but the other day I happened to think of an old quilt square I had in a box and thought it would make a perfect patriotic eagle... and it did!

{via Pinterest}

I drew a pattern (or two or three) and finally had a shape I liked. I took the old quilt square apart traced the pattern on the fabric, using both front and back fabrics, hand sewed it, then stuffed it with a combination of the original cotton batting and some new cotton batting.

Then I added decorative stitches to the seams and used an antique shoe button for the eye. I had enough scraps left to make a few little strawberries, too!

Then I thought I'd make my own fabric panel from a few strips of antique French textiles. Once the fabric panel was hand sewn together, I cut out another bird pattern, hand stitched it, and stuffed it.

I added little antique bone rings to the backs of these so they could be used as ornaments.

The patriotic eagle sold right away, but if you are interested in the French textile eagle ornaments, you can find them in my Honeysuckle Lane shop.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Take care and God bless,

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Clean Slate... or Canvas!

Sometimes do you ever want to start over? Wipe the slate clean and make new decisions? I'm doing that today... with some of my art!

I don't mind hanging on to my paintings for a while. I understand it sometimes takes a while for the right person to stumble upon my artwork and purchase it. And sometimes no matter how long it hangs around, some paintings just don't find a new home... at least not as fast as I'd like for it to happen.

For this reason, I'm going through my paintings again today and culling some of them. I'll set them aside and base coat them in a few days. Then they'll be ready for an entirely new look!

I looked back through my sales at the Lavender Festival last year and was pleasantly surprised that nearly all sales were paintings, prints, and block printed cards. That has helped me decide to do more artwork (instead of silk ribbon embroidery) for the festival next month!

Do you ever re-purpose your art / needlework / sewing projects after they've been around a while?

Come back in a few days to see some of my art in-progress.

Take care and God bless,

Monday, May 2, 2016

Red Roses Paper Cuttings

The first of May totally slipped up on me and I almost forgot about the Early Work Mercantile update!

A little late, I listed three miniature paper cuttings... all red roses. My adorable little grand-daughter, Jolee, kept me company while I worked. :)

You can read more about the paper cuttings >>> here <<< and purchase them at the same link if they strike your fancy!

I hope you like them! :)