Vintage Velvet Pumpkins

Vintage Velvet Pumpkins
Made from vintage velvet and recycled wool. Click the photo to see more...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I hope all of you are enjoying a beautiful spring!
If you are, you really don't need these photos.
But for those of you that are experiencing cold, snow, wind, or rain,
I hope these photos of bees in my flowering quince help to brighten your day.
Enjoy & God bless!


  1. How sweet! It's been busting out all over in east TN, hasn't it!? I think the dogwoods will be bloomed out before the Dogwood Arts Festival even starts!

  2. Oh wow beautiful photos, it is raining here and we are heading into Autumn so no pretty flowers here, but yours are beautiful.

  3. ...Absolutely stunning photos! Thank you so much for sharing. :o)

    ...Have a lovely Friday!