Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Winter Handwork


🧶 I’ve started a new winter project just for me! I hadn’t crocheted much in years, just a scarf or hat here and there. A few months ago I saw some really pretty afghans crocheted by Eight-By-Six and that was all it took for me to decide I wanted to crochet again. And since I love scrappy quilts, I wanted to do a scrappy granny square afghan. I gathered yarn from thrift stores, some I found myself and some were found at Legacy Sewing and Crafts for me… thanks, Sue! 😉

To keep it scrappy, I randomly pulled colors from my basket. However, I wanted a single color to join them and had decided on gray. I was going to buy some when I finished all the squares, but yesterday, on a thrifting trip to KARM Stores with my sisters, I found two large bags of brand new skeins of charcoal yarn!

Please don’t judge my granny squares… my left hand goes numb, my right hand cramps, so my tension varies a lot! 🤪🫣

I’ll share more when it’s done at the end of winter. 😁

Do you do any handwork in the winter? Tell me in the comments!

Take care,



  1. I love granny squares. I like the vests made from granny squares. Like your color choices.

    1. Just this week I told my daughter I wanted to crochet a vest next!