Thursday, October 20, 2022

Antique Quilt Cushions

Last year, was it last year? Anyway, quite a while back I bought an antique quilt. It was too tattered for use as a quilt, so I made some super large cushions. One of them is tufted, and the other one hasn’t been tufted yet. I will probably do that soon.

I also made a couple of large triangle whimsies. They could be pincushions or just pretty decorative items.

The bench is made from an old iron bed that belonged to my great-grandmother. Boys in a welding class class at the local high school made it for me as part of their training. I love it! 

The cushions are available on my website. Just look for the Folk Art category.

Now that fall is here I’ll be working on items to list next month. Come back soon for a visit!



  1. I love the cushions! I've been meaning to make something with my cutter quilts.

    1. There are so many things to make from old quilts! Pinterest is a great place to look.