Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Story of the World's Longest Yard Sale Pt.2

I hope you enjoyed Pt.1 of the World's Longest Yard Sale (otherwise known as the 127 Sale) blog post! I had so many photos to share, I split it up into 3 parts. 

I don't know if taking so many photographs was such a good idea. I am feeling remorse over so many things I left behind. This wonderful iron piece was only $10. I went back the next day to get it only to find that the vendor packed up earlier that day and headed back home to Nashville. This was probably my biggest regret. I would have looked great hanging on the front porch.


There was plenty of glassware for the collectors!


Looking for a license plate?

More gorgeous glass!

A camera crew arrived while we were there. I don't know which station they were with, but they had all sorts of equipment and folding chairs, a hair and make-up artist, assistants in tow with bags and notebooks, reporters practicing their stories, etc. It was fun to watch but we didn't hang around long. Jess and I had more shopping to do!

Several booths had old store signs...

Maybe this was for the thrifter who had the best find?

I didn't even see the sewing basket to the right of the candy dish until I was back home editing photos...

Don't know if this horse was old or not although I think it was old. I didn't get very close to examine it, but I loved the way it looked!

Wish I had bought this. I could have made it into a rustic farmhouse coffee table.

Of course I had to take a photo of this 40+ pound book!

More burlap sacks... think these were for coffee...

This wedding cake chandelier was gorgeous when the sun light hit the crystals!

I didn't have (nor would I have spent) the $300 that the seller was asking for it.

More signs...

And more lavender glass ~ or is it called amethyst glass? Either way, the bottles were gorgeous!

I resisted buying more jewelry pieces. I have several drawers full waiting to be used in my assemblage necklaces as soon as I find the time.

I know Roger could build this for me. Wouldn't it make a pretty display case?

Tennessee honey! Delicious!

And this one left Jess and I wondering "what in the world???" Could someone please tell us what it is?

That's it for part 2 of our World's Longest Yard Sale trip. I'll have the last post ready in just a few more days.


I've been painting more pumpkin watercolors! I'll be sad when fall is over and I need to choose a new subject.

These were finished last night. They are 9" x 12". I'm not sure if I should sell these un-matted and unframed, or perhaps in shabby white frames. What do you think?

The following ones are already listed in shops:
{available at TDIPT Mercantile}
{available at TDIPT Mercantile}
{available at TDIPT Mercantile}

I shared a few pumpkin watercolors I recently painted and wasn't sure if I'd sell the originals or just prints. I have decided to sell the originals and they can be found on my TDIPT Mercantile page.

{this one has a spiderweb in the tree and is for sale in my Etsy shop}
and in my Etsy shop as seen above.

I have larger ones painted that will be sold unmatted and unframed so that the buyer may display them however they wish.

I'm still wondering about a scanner for artwork, as mentioned in this post. If anyone can suggest something, I'd appreciate it. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care and God bless,


  1. Wow what a trip1 I could only dream of going to something like that! My family would just die of boredom! That purple glass omg! To die for, beautiful pictures!
    That one thing looks kinda painful!
    Lovely pumpkins as well!

  2. How I'd love to go but just too far for this NE'er. Brimfield is this week but raining like crazy here

  3. Your iron piece is one old sewing machine leg so might find another! Not sure about the "thing".lol
    take care

  4. I would not have passed up that Americana piece. Oh, those little treasures that slip away! I've been there and done that! There are some really pretty things offered up at the sales, and I sure appreciate all the wonderful pictures that you shared!