Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photo Story of the World's Longest Yard Sale Pt.1

My daughter and I spent a day at the 127 Corridor Sale this year. With the high cost of gas, we chose to shop local instead of driving for miles and miles and miles. We stopped at 3 locations where vendors had gathered, all in Fentress County {our home county and the place where the idea for the sale originated}.


{first stop}

{lovely queen anne's lace on the side of the road where we parked}

The weather had been hot all week, but on Saturday it was overcast for quite a while and a bit cooler ~ at least cool enough to be bearable till the afternoon.

You can believe it when they say there's something for everyone! 

{$6 each ~ I don't know why I didn't buy these!}

{love the little aqua jeep!}

{the engraving on this was so beautiful! I think it was priced $45}

{Jacks, anyone? They were in their original jar! About $50, I think}

{100 bucks}

{these were so pretty grouped together}

I saw this crown crock sitting on a table and had to take a photo... I knew I couldn't afford it. I started to walk away and as I went around the table I saw the price sticker on the side of the crock. You won't believe it...

{my ABSOLUTE favorite find!}


{took this shot at home just so you'd believe me}

Yes, you heard me... FIVE DOLLARS!!! I grabbed the crock right away and held on to it! :D
When I found the guy who had the items for sale, he jokingly said I took the photo of the crock so he couldn't price it higher to me, lol! He said it had been $20 {which was still a deal I thought}, but it was the next to last day of the sale and he didn't want to haul it back to Indiana where he lives. 

{I'm trying to be careful with it so that pieces don't flake off. Don't you just love the crazing?}

I was so inspired by this piece that I painted a watercolor of it:

and have the finished, framed painting listed at TDIPT Mercantile.

{this was so pretty and yes, I did buy it for 1/2 price to use on something I make}

{these sheep were adorable, but too high for me at $40 +}

{as soon as I saw these chenille ornaments I thought of my friend Stephanie at Old World Primitives}

{lock it up!}

We didn't realize until we were leaving that we had parked soooo far down the road from our first stop, but as you can see it was a popular stop!

I hope you enjoyed coming along with us! Check back in a day or two for pt. 2 of the Photo Story of the World's Longest Yard Sale.

Take care and God bless,

p.s. click here for part 2


  1. What a tour you had, wonderful photoes, and wow, you bought just the things, I would have been happy to have at home with me :).
    xo Dorthe

  2. I still can't believe the price on the crock!! And oh my $6 each you left those bags!?!?!?! Great pics! :)

  3. Thanks Dorthe!

    I know, Angie... what was I thinking??? It was our first stop though, and I had a very limited budget and the next stop would have even more vendors.... :)

  4. Oh that looks like alot of fun! I would have definately bought those jacks, I still have mine from when I was a kid!

  5. Great photos! Boy they had some neat stuff too! You got a steal on the crock. And the painting is just beautiful! I'd love to go to the yard sale sometime but hubby doesn't take a shine to such crowds. One day, maybe!

  6. Hey Lana - I love this post. I've always wanted to attend something like this but never have. Glad you shared with us. - BJ

  7. oh my - what fun!!! that's a great deal on the crock - wish i could have gone with you :)

  8. Hey Lana, the photos are great! I have seen this on HGTV a couple of times. Love all the stuff. The crock is a real find, and your painting is beautiful. Like that you put the crock next to it. I'm like you, tho', some of the prices seem a little high! Thanks for sharing the delicious photos..wish I could have been there!
    Peace and Blessings,

  9. Oh, I'm so envious! How lucky for you to live right where its all happening! I've seen that on TV before, but I think your photos are better than TV. I love that you painted your crock - and what a beautiful painting, too!

  10. hi there miss honeysucke! what a fabulous and wonderful and may i say hyper visual (LOVE IT) post! what a wonderland of treasures. being in new jersey we just don't have many experiences like this! the rows of purple and lavender glass is just amazing! all of the items are just sensational and yes, i have to agree with you that i would regret not grabbing that iron piece -- but there is always something else in the wings another day and i am sure you will find another treasure that will be picture perfect on your porch! thank you for taking all these pictures and sharing them -- i enjoyed my little visit so very much! hugs...pops!

  11. Hi Lana,
    I had not heard of the 127 Sale before, but I love the concept!! I think it needs to hit the East Coast as well.

    And I LOVE the Santa ornaments - I so would have scooped those up!!