Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lumina Pumpkins {& a question at the end}

 I love white pumpkins even though I have difficulty finding them for sale around here. So, most times I make my own, whether it be fabric pumpkins,

pumpkin block prints,

or paper pumpkins.

This week I have done lumina pumpkin watercolors. I'm having trouble deciding if I will sell the originals or just sell prints and note cards.

I really enjoy working with watercolors...

you never know just exactly what you're going to get when it's finished...

I'll have some paintings available at TDIPT Mercantile Wednesday night. One will be a watercolor of an old crock I recently purchased:

and maybe I'll list the pumpkins, too! :)

Here's my question ~ to all the artists out there: Can you recommend a scanner for scanning artwork? The one I have {HP Deskjet F4240} is a great all-in-one but it doesn't get true colors in a scan and that is so frustrating! I have to edit all my art scans to get close to the actual color and even then I usually don't get the exact color. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!

Take care and God bless,


  1. Those prints are amazing!! I love the one of the crock! :)

  2. Love, love all your creations, I especially love your white pumpkins with the glitter. Beautiful!

  3. White pumpkins are so beautiful!
    I think you do a wonderful job capturing them with watercolor. :)