Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Icons, Motifs, Objects, & Symbols ~ GIVEAWAY!

9/15 6pm ~ CLOSED to ENTRIES ~ I'll print off all the names, cut them apart, and draw the winner's name later tonight..... thanks so much for all the WONDERFUL ideas!
Update to this post ~ I decided to thank you for your help by having a drawing on September 15th. Everyone who comments and lists a few favorite objects, icons, etc. will automatically be entered. If you mention this on your blog, link to this post, and let me know, I will add your name twice! I will award the winner with a handmade gift ($10 - $15 value) ~ something I make from all the ideas I will be getting from this post. It might be a surprise... and then again... I may let you know a little closer to time. Thanks for playing along!
(fleur de lis image from allposters.com)

I'm curious ~ what are some of your favorites? I'm always trying to think of ways to incorporate well-loved items in my work. So, can you think of one thing... but give me a list of 2 or 3 or more... say for instance.... a crown, a beeskep, a fleur de lis... a dove, a nest, an egg. What images do you like to use in your home decor, or maybe something you use on your correspondence, or wear on your purse or t-shirt.... I am looking forward to seeing your list! Tip: don't try to think too hard ~ just list what comes to mind when you think of some of your favorite things...



  1. Hmmm...Rooster, filigree, and roses!


  2. Oh my ...I think I'm thinking too hard! Some of my favorite things ...roosters, buttons, candlesticks ....guess if I think hard enough my list would grow quite long.

  3. Pears, birds, sheep, nests, flower motif, books (not sure that is an icon!), and the list goes on. Great post Lana, I'll mention it on my blog.

  4. Old fabrics, rustic wooden furniture and lots of old family photos! I could go on and on about the old stuff but those are the three I have narrowed it down to. Great post!

  5. oooh! great things already! thanks and feel free to list more than 2 or 3 if you want!

  6. Simplicity from Nature lures my attention.
    Sheep on a hillside, roses rambling up an old abandoned fence, geese in flight...symbols of a change of season.
    The things that speak from the heart; both yours and mine.
    xo Susan

  7. Flowers, birds, hearts, trees, leaves, rabbits.

    Of course, anything covered with dark chocolate would be wonderful, but a bit too messy for folk art. ;-)

  8. dolls, quilts, wooden bowls, flea market finds, Americana pieces...and I'm sure I'd think of more if the caffiene kicks in...LOL

    I'll let you know when I update my blog...I'll be sure to mention your give-away..what a great idea!!:o)

  9. Americana, stars, crows, quilts, and hearts- right off the top of my head.

  10. Ouuuu Cherries, Hearts,Roses, Stars, Rabbits, Stripes,Paisleys, Polka Dots, Lace and buttons!

    This is fun....thanks Lana!

    Hugz, Dolly

  11. hummm....anything from nature....old pictures....old quilts...americana anything and of course Frakturs!!!!

    nice post Lana and I'll also add a link to my blog about your gift away...


  12. This is a fun idea, Lana!

    Fleur de Lis,
    copper things,
    rustic or wooden signs,
    crocks and crock bowls,
    white pitchers and other white dishes and serving pieces.

    These are a few that come to mind. I'm sure if I allow my thoughts to flow freely, I could come up with more.

    Great post!

  13. What a great blog and post. Pat at Back Porch Musings sent me. Mmm, my favorites,
    casablanca lilies
    old dark furniture w/ lots of stories

  14. Lana, I just plugged your give-away on my blog :o)!

  15. baby deer, Santa, vintage lace, tulips, hummingbirds,dogs, those are my favorite things...what fun Lana.. I will post it on my blog.... Hugs, Mo

  16. The first thing that comes to mind of my favorite thingy's are bees, baskets and buttons. My first time here at your blog - everything looks so nice :)

  17. Topiaries, white on white anything, hand stitched quilts, patina copper, bird houses...... oh i could go on and on.

    I'll plug this on my blog Lana!

    xoxox :) Jean

  18. I find that my mood changes with the seasons, right now I am thinking pumpkins, apples, gourds... Later in the fall I'll be thinking hot cocoa by the fire, crinkly leaves, and of course then it will be Christmas- sensory overload and all bets are off!

    PS. I am going to give you a "shout out" on my blog right now...

  19. Floral motifs, handmade jewelry, birds, and inspriational quotes and verses. smiles - BJ

  20. I love to see geese flying low overhead, a freshly mowed hay field and a maple tree in full color.

    Some of my favorite things to collect are old mirrors, Old books & old wooden bowls & boxes.

    I'll mention your post and giveaway on my blog.

    Please add my name to your giveaway list.

    Take care,

  21. I love old door handware, old doors and windows, nest and birds eggs, bee hives, wasp nest (great texture-just be sure no longer in use),natural fencelines, I have a friend who is wild about theFleur de Lis, but to continue with mine....antique photos, old pottery and dishes, hat pins, vintage purses, etc.

  22. birds, cats, trees, keys, books.

    Your blog is an inspiration!

  23. This is FUN Lana! I have to write mine down quick before I go read everyone elces and see if they are the same~ My favorite Icon~y thing is a birds nest with eggs~ soo precious, and then too~ I LOVE skeleton keys!

  24. Hi, I enjoy rustic folkart. Crows, penny rugs and pottery are some of my favorite things. Thanks, Cindi

  25. I love stars, Fiestaware,old family photos,arcitectual pieces,birds and pastel Lu-Ray dishes! Jean

  26. What a fun idea! Old barns, rolling fields, wildflowers, bison.

  27. Favorite icons--birds, flowers, vintage or vintage-inspired, jewelry and pincushions, beautiful fabrics are just a few. Primitive motifs that are found on old samplers, particularly flowers and birds. An lastly, the colors of nature are my favorite inspirations.

  28. Hey Lana,
    I'll share this great post on my blog as well.
    flower motifs
    old homespun
    flip flops---yeah, I know, :)
    old buttons
    thin worn out linen - (not a motif or symbol)

  29. Some of my favorite things...

    linens drying outside on an old style clothesline...
    vintage fabrics...
    old keys...
    autumn leaves...

    There are so many... I will just make myself stop here.

    I'm going to go mention your giveaway on my blog right now!

    Nita Jo

  30. Oh... I posted about this on my Little Grey Havens blog, but also put it on Nitajo's Photo's in the sidebar. This is Not to ask for an extra entry, I just want my photo friends to have a chance to enter too. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

    Nita Jo

  31. How to limit it...
    nests, birds, rabbits
    pumpkins, acorns, pinecones
    skeleton keys and crosses

    these are a few of my favorite things...

    Blessings, Patti

  32. Please put my name in the hat again because I have added a link to our giveaway on my blog's sidebar! Thanks!

  33. a Birds Nest, anything rusty and worn, high button baby shoes, sunflowers, lilacs, birds, and Izzy Walker dolls

    I'm putting this up on my blog too!
    So toss my name in that hat twice, sister ♥

  34. What fun LL! You have the best ideas!

    Hmmm, I love animals.....dogs in particular, but farm animals of course are wonderful....folkart rooters, pigs, cows and yes I love sheep!

    Scarecrows are fun, especially this time of year...I'm thinking of real one's, the kind you would really find in a garden.

    And herbs, flowers and drieds.... like Sweet Annie, Mums, Bittersweet.

    Old and rusted garden tools

    Wagons....big, little, a childs or horsedrawn.

    I'm sure gonna try to mention this on my blog...this is the best!

  35. hmmm...must admit all the girls have posted some of my favs but I also love berries, and mistletoe shaped leaves. And baskets or bowls filled with podka, berries etc...hugs Khris in Oz

  36. floral china plates, roses and peonies, crystal prisms

    I had to walk around my house to remind me!

  37. oh lana i would have a list a mile long! LOL lets see...i love old barn wood, old barns, chickens, chicken wire and just about anything old and worn!

    I also added your giveaway to my blog. thanks so much darlin!

    Aunt Mannys Creations

  38. I am new to this and really love all the blogging!!
    some of my favorites would be-wooden bowls,candles,sheep juanitaproffitt@yahoo.com
    enjoyed everything on your blog

  39. roses, flower motifs (all media), cats... LindaSonia

  40. I came from Aunt Mannys Creations and he Prairie Register, Oh I have lots to look at today! I will also add both of you to my blog at ByLightOfMoon.

    I adore Well, here I go!
    The Moon,
    Dogs,Golden Retrievers, I have two!
    Doors, Barns
    Candles, Birdhouses,fences,clotheslines,
    purple,wicker, and I could go on, etc,
    smiles, cyndi

  41. The American Flag, praying hands, & belsnickles.

  42. Hmmm...Let's see... I like Dogs, Folksy Colors of Red, Mustards, Sage, Browns & Blacks, Pumpkins & Old Metal Tins & Containers. I too will add this to my blog! Hugs, Starla :)

  43. My favorite motif is a daisy. Bright, clean and cheerful. I also like butterflies.

  44. Thistles!!

  45. old keys, old fishing lures, leaves, acorns, berries, willow trees

  46. My favorite things are roosters, chickens, stitcheries, primitive signs, lace and linens, sunflowers, primitve dolls....and the list goes on.

    Great blog!

  47. cats, fabrics, old buttons, leaves, trees, baskets and vintage aprons. These are a few of my favorite things.

  48. Pigs are my most favorite things! I would also have to say old tin type photos, beautiful flower gardens, and of course, my hubby! :-)

  49. Fabric, Spider webs (MINUS! the spiders lol) Angels, Children's hands & feet!
    Can't wait to see what you make with your suggestions - great list to chose from!

  50. Hi Lana, What fun,
    old flags
    vintage pictures of children
    old childrens books
    old quilts(I make up stories about them)
    pink roses
    pink anything
    glitter!! One last one
    Polka Dots
    Thanks, that was really fun! Jane

  51. Things that warm my hear:
    Vintage children at play,
    old winger washer,
    old crank ice cream maker,
    Clothes line with sheets blowing in the wind.
    These are just a few of my favorite things!
    La Donna

  52. ...the things that warm my "heart"...not my "hear"! I think I better have a cup of coffee before I post my thoughts! : )
    La Donna

  53. Hi
    So many great things already mentioned..let's see - have to say
    sheep,hooked rugs,quilts,antique books with that time worn look,old ink wells,old pottery,symbol of welcome the pineapple,dogs,lace.
    This was a great posting! Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives. I'll also be linking to my blog.Thanks

  54. What lovely things everybody mentioned ~ my list is rather old-fashioned I think...
    flowers, BIRDS, hearts, hands, baskets, buttons, quilts, dragonflies, hummingbirds, antiques, teapots...I could go on, but you get the idea of my likes :+}. I collect antiques and love primitives.
    Thank you for such a lovely post. Lana

  55. The Cross, scriptures, sheep, and birds.


  56. Wow... everyone has mentioned so many wonderful things! I'll keep this open till about 6pm.... then I'll close it so I can print, cut, and draw the winner's name!
    Thank you!