Friday, August 1, 2008

I WON! & see what's new tonight...

I think Blogger is messing with me today. First it published my blank post, when all I had was the title, then I had a few paragraphs typed up and was going to add a photo and it all disappeared ~ even the draft! So, let's try again.....
I'm not even going to talk about corn and beans in this post, except to tell you that I'm not mentioning them, lol! See? I can't get away from the garden for a minute! Although, when I said in another post that I'd probably dream about corn ~ I didn't ~ I dreamed about painting the house ~ and I have absolutely no idea why!
My reason for writing today is two-fold. First, I won Jacquelynne's giveaway! Look at all the gifts that were in the box I received! She is a wonderful artist as well as a very sweet lady. Be sure to go visit her and browse her new online shop while you're there. See the two pins? She made those! And all the card sets? She painted the originals and had cards made from her artwork! She also included one of her patterns and a couple of really good books for me to read. Thank you Jacquelynne!!!

My second reason for writing today is to let you know I will have new items for sale on my website tonight. There will be watercolor frakturs, a new Autumn twist on my Bird in Hand pieces, and some sweet pincushions that I made after seeing an antique that I couldn't afford and thought, "I can make those myself!" Set your clocks for 8pm central ~ that's when I'll update my website.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Awesome win Girlfriend! What delightful treasures you have!! :)

  2. Congrats!
    and can't wait to see your new
    and the corn looks great!!

  3. I've been away so I have some catching up to do.
    First congrats on 24 years of wedded bliss and tell me what better way to spend it then canning corn?
    Your prize package is delightful. I'll pop by later to take a peek at your new offerings. Can you believe it is August already!
    xo Susan

  4. Congratulations Lana! Jacquelynne is a very talented lady, and you've won a great give away!
    Your new offerings are beautiful as always!

  5. Congrats on your win! I am off to check out your new offerings now. :)