Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winding down...

...or maybe I'm gearing up? I'm finishing a few orders this week along with a few things to list on Simply Primitives on the 15th, and then I'm taking 2 weeks off... maybe 3, we'll see how that goes.

I have a looooooong list of things to do around the house and outside the house, and frankly I don't think 3 weeks will be enough time. I may have to split it up and do half the list this summer when I take a few more weeks off.

Sometime in April, I will have another Junk Sale which includes craft and reference books, supplies, home decor items... whatever I clear out while spring cleaning. I'll be sure to announce it when I do have the Junk Sale pages ready again, but now that you know ~ start saving your pennies for a little junk splurge! :)

I will also be thinking about a giveaway in April. I'm not quite sure what it will be, but I'll come up with something that will hopefully please you.

FACEBOOK FANS ~ If you are a fan of my Simple Joys Paperie shop, you have the opportunity to purchase my Heart in Hand Black and Ivory Wreath at a 10% discount this week.

The sun is shining today, it's 65 degrees, the birds are singing, the windchimes are tinkling, and I have all the doors and windows open! What a lovely day we have been blessed with here in TN!

Thanks for dropping by!
Take Care & God Bless,


  1. We've got some rain coming in now, but the last few day have been quite glorious! And a wee bit of green is showing on the weeping willows, at long last!

  2. Lana, you are a woman with PLANS! I need to do that-take time off and finish projects, etc. Looking forward to your Junk sale! Happy Spring.

  3. Thank you so much Lana for leaving the link. I was so thrilled to have been included in Alice's post.
    I hope that you get all your projects done on your break and that you leave some time for a little fun as well.
    I love your blog and want to follow along.

  4. Oh - that weather you are having! Jealous :) I love it when all the windows are open. Have a great time off and good luck getting your work done.

  5. hi! i'm eleni from greece! your blog is fantastic!!!