Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Smokey & Benjamin-Thomas-Scooter

Smokey is 1 year and 4 months old now. He's grown so much in the last several months.
He loves to run with the big horses in our neighbor's fields.

Below is Summer, one of Smokey's friends. He's a sweetie.

Smokey's feeling a little camera shy now...

Smokey has to kiss Roger every time he sees him. Smokey's mama died not long after he was weaned, so Smokey is really attached to Roger now.


Meet Benjamin-Thomas-Scooter.
We got him during the 4th of July weekend (somone had dumped him and his siblings off at my sister's house overnight). I wanted a patriotic name, and was leaning toward Liberty. Jess didn't like that name and suggested Benjamin (Ben Frankin).

We tried that (Benjamin) for a few days but it just didn't seem to work, so then Jess suggested Thomas. That doesn't seem to click either.

Then a couple of mornings ago, Roger called him Scooter and it seemed to fit! Contrary to the photos, he is not a lazy, calm kitten.
He's as hyper and playful as can be and really keeps Sam busy!


  1. Hi, nice blog. Smokey is a beauty and how sweet to give your husband a kiss. I have a horse and she love to give my husband a kiss too. I found every time someone dropped off animals at our house, if we named them they also found a new home at our house. Is it great to have animals? They add so much to our lives. Sandi

  2. Hello Lana. Smokey is gorgeous!

    Love Scooter :)


  3. Thanks for directing me to your blog, it's great. I love your new kitty, so beautiful. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Lana,
    i just love your Smokey, he looks like just a sweet heart. I don't think a lot of people really know how loving and affectionate horses really are. I am so glad Smokey has Rogar to love.
    Now, your little Mr Benjamin-Thomas Scooter, Is just absolutely adorable!!! I do not have a kitty named Bejamin Franklin, But I do have one named after Benny Goodman. We just call him Benny, except for when he is in trouble then it's Benny Goodman. I am amazed at how he knows he is in trouble the minute we call him by his full name,LOL!!!
    Have Fun with your Scooter,

  5. Aww - what cuties! I miss having horses around. Scooter looks like such a sweetie who looks very happy in his new home.