Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today was our Homecoming at church. We had a wonderful service ~ lots of beautiful singing, old-time preaching, and a great dinner afterward! I go to a little country church... out in the country, of course. It's where Roger and I were married 25 years ago the 29th of this month (see photo above and remind me to tell you about my wedding dress sometime later). It's in the community where I lived nearly all my life before I was married. I love that little church and all the people that go there. I have such wonderful memories centered around that sweet church.
When I got home this afternoon and settled down to rest, I checked my email messages. I had several messages from both friends and strangers who had seen my paper wreath in an etsy article! What a pleasant surprise! You may see it here.
I also had a message from a lady who featured my wreaths on her blog, The Modern Mourner. Be sure to visit her blog and leave a comment when you have time.
I love her suggestion to use my wreaths as rememberance wreaths. I have books from my parents' home and this has given me an idea for my own decor. Tokens of remembrance don't have to be only for remembering those that have passed away. We can use these tokens for anything in our lives that we want to remember or commemorate.
I recently took some photos of Smokey and will get them on here in the next few days. I also have photos to share of a new addition to our family. I'll be sharing those too so check back in a day or two...


  1. oh how wonderful is that photo and the memories! and i know after 25 years you are both crazy about each other and having fun...congrats. on the new 'kids' too!

  2. Hi Lana,
    CONGRATULATIONS on TWENTY FIVE years of marriage!!!! I wish for you only the best and May God BLESS YOU on another twenty five years together!!!