Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dragonflies on Batik

I'd planned on having several pillows ready to share, but you know how it goes... plans often have to change.

I only have two pillows to share today, and one of those sold as soon as it was listed --- thank you! :)

Hand embroidered dragonflies grace the front of these decorative pillows.
Their bodies are made of glass beads. The wings are organza ribbons and vintage seam binding ribbons.

The grass is made of wool felt and I have scattered more glass beads across the grass for extra sparkle. It reminds me of the dew sparkling on the grass early in the morning!

The pillow fabrics are made from cotton batik fabric.
I used 10" pillow forms for these pillows.

My needlework designs are one of a kind. I draw the design freehand directly on the fabric with an air-soluble marker and embroider it before the design disappears.

The darker one is the only one left. If interested, you may purchase it here.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


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