Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scooter, again

Remember when I first got Scooter? He was a little thing, set off at my sister's house by someone who didn't want their kittens. :(

He quickly made friends with Sam, who makes a very good snuggle-buddy:

He loves it here, mostly playing on the back porch, pestering Sam, chasing squirrels in the edge of the yard, and sleeping in the barn loft. He has a certain spot in the loft where he sits and watches for us to come out on the back porch. Then he jumps down and runs to the house! He also lets us know when he and Sam are out of food. He pulls the screen door open and lets it slam (!) and then quickly runs away to the other side of the porch, acting all nonchalant. He reminds me of a kid ringing the doorbell and then running away, lol!

He sat {almost} still for me to take some photos a while back. Scooter is such a cutie!

 You can click here to see all the previous posts about Scooter, if you want to see more pet pics. :-)

You can usually tell when it's a slow blogger day here with no news ~ I post about animals!
Same old stuff going on here ~ finishing up one last watercolor for a customer, and working on the house, so there are no new creations to share for a while longer.

But don't forget the SUMMER SALE that I'm having until.... whenever..... at least until I have time to make new things for my shops, which will be a while. Feel free to share the link with others if you think they would be interested.

Have a lovely weekend!

Take care and God bless,


  1. What a wonderful cat, so cute, I am glad he found a good home with you. So sad that people just dump them when they get tired of them. I have 3 cats myself and all where once homeless.

  2. I always love kitty pix and these are wonderful, Lana! Scooter and his snuggle buddy are delightful! I am catless cat person so appreciate these pix!

  3. Hi Lana!
    I sent you a long reply and just now realized, that I probably sent it to blogger! THANKYOU so much for stopping by the blog, have been thinking of you lately too :) Mr Giving says HI!
    Happy 4th tomorrow~ xoxoxo rachael

  4. Hi Lana - Your pics of Scooter make me miss my Anna - lost her in May after having her under my feet for 15 yrs. That Scooter sounds like a character! Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. I appreciate the visit! Take care - and good luck with the home renovations over the Summer too!

  5. Your pet pics made me smile. Scooter is a sweetheart. It's so nice that he and Sam get along so well. Sam reminds me of my Maine Coon cat Caesar. Is he a Maine Coon, too?