Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A simple joy... or two...

What makes you smile? The simplest of things brings a smile to my face. Yesterday when gathering the eggs, I found this pretty little speckled egg amongst the ivory, brown, and blue-green eggs. I wondered which hen laid such a sweet egg.... could it have been Collette, Jacqueline, or maybe Brown Girl who wears the pouffy pantaloons?

I washed the eggs and placed the speckled one in an old egg cup for a portrait sitting. Old, stained, crackled ironstone is another simple joy of mine. Imperfect, but well-loved...

It's sweet simple joys like these that make me smile.

I have a few Love Token Charms left for Valentine's Day or anytime. I'll also be adding half a dozen more to my website tonight. If you are interested in any of them, just email me.

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon is having a wonderful book giveaway here ~ be sure to sign up!

February has arrived, and along with it a birthday later in the month (on the 18th) for me. Should I panic? Nope, I'll be ever so thankful for another year of God's grace and kindness and the blessings of Simple Joys.

Thank you for visiting Honeysuckle Lane today.

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. Your soldering is so PERFECT! I struggle so hard to make mine look good, how long did it take you to get that good?

    THANK you for posting about Art from the Heart on your blog, good luck and have a lovely weekend!

  2. That is just the sweetest little egg! What a joy your hens must bring! hope you win the giveaway!! Toodles...Angie

  3. Pretty egg! I love chickens...and the taste between a fresh egg and one from the store is huge!

    I love the pendants too, especially the one with the glove...great detail! :)


  4. What a precious little gift for your day. Beautiful egg. Come for a visit.

  5. What a sweet looking egg. Everything is beautiful...Mary

  6. I love the speckled egg, it's so perfect. I love your V'd pendants too...really cute!

  7. Oh the simple joy of the egg..tis lovely..and as always
    your photos are wonderful!!
    I love your pendants also
    such tiny work

    you are amazing..Deena

  8. The little charms are so sweet!
    Now are the color of the eggs determined by the type of feed, the type of chicken or genetics?

  9. What a lovely egg!! And of course, your picture looks amazing:o)!
    Love the pendants!!

  10. Lana, what a sweet little egg...your soldered charms are lovely, the heart in hand one is just precious:)

  11. Lana,

    THANK YOU so much for the beautiful Valentines you sent me. They are so very special, I think I will frame one or two for my office. I am so grateful.xo Lidy

  12. ps I gave you a little award on my blog.
    xo Lidy

  13. What a grand first visit too!
    LOVED reading about what makes you rejoice! For me right now it's my almost 2yod singing, "Dinkle.. dinkle.. little star...." (((((HUGS))))) sandi~also in love with crochet. I'd love to be as talented as you are with all of your neat ideas!

  14. Love the speckled egg Lana, and your photos are always beautiful.

  15. Hi Lana,
    I see we are both Aquarius babies... my birthday is on the 12th. Happy birthday! Amy

  16. What a great blog, love the eggs and the pendants. We've got two pantaloons in our house too - I love the expression. I'll have to go look around and see if you've posted her picture.

  17. Such a relief to hear you were unscathed during the terrible storms, Lana!
    I love your work - always so delicate and precise and perfect!

    Simply Beautiful :)


  18. Hi Lana! Thank you for visiting my blog and the sweet comment that you left about my art! =o) I Love your heart in hand pendant!!! I make primitive hand tags with the heart in hand design that I dearly love!

    =D *Lori