Friday, April 27, 2007

Tag! ~ You're IT!

Wow! I just realized that I'd been "tagged" by a favorite blogger of mine, Sadie Olive ~ thank you Sara! So, in keeping with tradition, I'm assuming I choose 5 of my favorite blogs? I've just recently started blogging and am discovering beautiful and inspirational blogs everyday, but I'll list my 5 favorite blogs as of right now...
~ Garden Antiques News - I am still looking through all of her antique / junk sale photos. I keep going back and finding more and more.
~ The Plum Tree Antiques & Gifts - MORE photos loaded with all sorts of vintage and antique treasures.
~ Painter of the Past - An online friend of mine with a natural talent of capturing the early charm of the portraits of times past.
~ Southern Hospitality - Don't know which I like the most: the delicious recipes or the yummy home decor and flea market finds photos!
~ Homespin Living - I love her before and after home re-do photos as well as the home decor pics!


  1. Lana, thanks so much for the tag! I've already been nominated for that a few weeks ago & passed on my nominations too. But, thanks for the thought! I really appreciate it...please come back & visit me often.

    I loved the story of your hens laying on their eggs. That is so neat! The eggs are beautiful.

    Southern Hospitality

  2. Hi Lana~

    I love the photo of the beautiful pillow that you made! Is that a past work?! Pretty!

    I haven't visited a few of the blogs you've mentioned...can't wait to go peek!

    Thanks for sharing...I could spend WAY too much time in "blog land"!! There are so many fun and creative "sites" to see!


  3. Thank you Rhoda and Suzanne.
    Yes, the pillow is a past work, but I'll be making mant many more in the next few weeks for a show.

  4. You're welcome! :) Your blog is beautiful as are your dolls.