Sunday, May 7, 2023

Antique French Letters and Velvet and Gilt Frames

Ooh, la, la! I think love is in the air! I have a small collection of framed love tokens made, ready to gift to a special someone! I know, Valentine’s Day has passed, but love is always in season. And you never need a reason to give something lovely to your wife, mom, sister, best friend, etc.

I’ve collected stacks of letters, papers, receipts, cards, and envelopes over the years. I usually keep my scraps until they are too small to handle, maybe 1/2” in size. So when inspiration strikes, I get out my box of goodies and find my tools and get started.

I’ve collected frames over the years, too. I’ve gone through most of them, but I have always kept back a few favorites for myself. The old velvet frames and the gilt frames are getting harder to find at an affordable cost. I’m hoping to find more soon.

My love tokens are available at Honeysuckle Lane. Come over for a visit and see which is your favorite! 🥰

Thanks for stopping by. I will do my best to post a little more often. I miss my blogging friends!


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