Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A Little Bit of Decorating

We recently painted the house, doors, and trim. It was long overdue, but now it’s taken care of, we won’t have to think about it for several years.

The door is a pretty green… Sour Apple by Magnolia. I love it!
Because we have a glass storm door, whatever hangs on the door can’t be too thick. This wreath from Joann.com is perfect! 

After the new paint, I thought I’d look for faux topiaries. Have you shopped for topiaries before? They can be very expensive! I was going to wait for Hobby Lobby to have a sale, but while shopping for rugs at Walmart, I walked right past these and both my daughter and I thought they’d be perfect! Larger ones may have worked, but these were short and sweet and much cheaper!

I’d been looking on Pinterest for front porch decor ideas and noticed the layered rug look. Guess I’ve not been keeping up with trends but I thought I’d try it. To me, it’s just that much more to clean and keep tidy, but it does look nice! What do you think of layering your rugs?

On the way home I stopped at the Dollar General Store to get a few cheap flowers. I put them in an old rusty pitcher, added some real oak leaves, and called it done!

This is at the corner of our front porch. A neighbor gave me the old wooden boxes, the rusty tools and stove door came from my old home place. The church was purchased at The Allardt Pumpkin Festival many years ago and the bucket of flowers was put together by my daughter and little granddaughter, Jolee. 
That’s probably going to be the extent of fall decorating around here, not too much, just enough to know it’s fall. 🍂🍁😊

My website opens October 1st! Hope to see you there!


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