Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is It the 15th Already?

Well, maybe not the 15th, but the eve of the 15th ~ that's when the online markets, Simply Primitives and TDIPT Mercantile, update.
I do believe this little deer sees something...

yes.... more deer!

But I don't think they know that he's behind the snowman watching them...

Maybe if he's very still and quiet, this timid little thing won't be found...
I found them though, at a thrift store quite some time ago. I also found a glass cloche and knew it would be perfect for a display dome.
And so this week I made this piece:
Vintage Winter Wonderland.
The entire piece stands just over a foot tall...

It is available at Simply Primitives and you may visit my website to read more about it.

Don't forget to look at all the other artists' items while you are there!

Now I am off to go find more glass domes and cloches.......


  1. I love the snowman!! It's wonderful! Great job!

  2. What a great idea to reuse the dome for and love your paper wreaths. I first saw one at my friends booth and think they are just such a creative way to use book pages. You are very talented.

  3. Hi Lana, somehow I misplaced my bookmark to your site. :( I have missed checking in here, you do such lovely work. Thanks to Bliss Guild I have found you again, and I am adding you to my blog feed.


  4. Simply wonderful!!

    barbara jean

    I'm enjoying myself here. =0))