Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking for....

...back issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry. I'm a junk store / yard sale kinda gal and don't want to pay the near new prices for used issues I'm finding on ebay. I guess you could call me cheap... no, I don't like that.... thrifty maybe? lol!
If you have some that you're ready to pass on just email me, with your prices and issues, using the contact info in my profile.

I've been working on assemblage jewelry, putting to use all the trinkets and baubles I have collected over the years, thinking someday I'll use it. Guess what? Someday has finally arrived!!! I hope to have a small collection ready to show on the evening of the 14th, just in time for Christmas shopping.

Thanks for stopping by ~ I've had folks asking about the baby chick (she's not a baby anymore!) and Smokey and Tweedle Dum ~ I'll have something on my blog about them by the weekend.
Update ~ My cards are featured on Today's Primitive Home this week! Be sure to visit TPH!

Take Care & God Bless,

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane



  1. All of us like a "deal" Lana :) You are so funny. There is a gal at Walmart, that knows me..just from going in there...

    Well, she is a cashier and every now and then, I go in with ads for Walmart to Comp. (they do that ya know) and she calls me the COMP Queen. Nice eh? Her and I joke about it all the time. We have to cut corners, where we can.

    Can't wait to see your goodies and Congrats on the feature. I bet that chick is all grown up now :)

    Have a great day Lane.

  2. I love ur page. Thanx 4 posting. Have a nice day.

  3. OOOOOH, don't you love the Stampington publications...!!! I am sorry doll, I only get Art Doll and the paper crafting one... the name is eluding me right now! I wish I could help!! I will keep my eyes open in my wanders!! Hugs Lana, Mo

  4. Yay for finally getting those "I need to buy these because I may use them in my art one day" to good use!!

  5. I don't blame you for trying to be thrifty- I must admit I spend way too much money on magazines... a guilty indulgence of mine.

  6. would be nice to run across some of those...I see them in the stores but I have never known anyone to talk about them locally (internet YES!)
    Are you the one or was it Suzanne who sent me a black rose charm on a ribbon last year? I wore it today ...and I just love it!

  7. Love your new necklace, you are so creative with your "destash", (not sure if I spelled that correctly!).
    And congrats on being featured on TPH...those of us fortunate enough to have some of your note cards already know how lovely they are!

  8. Lana, good luck finding those magazines...i rarely buy those artsy magazines as i find them to be too pricey...i am sure your jewelry will be just lovely!!!