Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016: The Year of Folk Art

When I sent my last update, the subject was 2016: The Year of Folk Art. At least I think it will be for me. I plan on digging through all my reference books and incorporating 18th and 19th century, early American designs into the mediums that I enjoy doing... needlework, painting, jewelry-making, even woodworking!

Honeysuckle Lane design in-progress using Valdani Threads and National Nonwovens Bamboo Felt

My first designs of 2016 are Folk Art Cuff Bracelets and a Primitive Heart Love Token Shelf. I've got my sketch book handy so when I think of something, I can get it on paper before I forget it! Sometimes a hand-carved design on an antique chest or circles on a penny rug become the inspiration for an applique design... like what you see on the cuffs.

Patterns will be offered at a later date. I'm trying to get collections organized before I actually start making them available.

If you enjoy seeing early American folk art or antiques and primitives incorporated into decor, I recommend the Time Life books series: American Country. Here's a set on Etsy... I bought mine several years back a few at a time, mostly from eBay sellers. By no means do they cover everything, but there's such a variety of information in these books... I love my set!

Do you collect folk art? What's your favorite piece?


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