Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Log Cabin Christmas Preview

First of all... If the photos or typing look weird the last few days, it's because I dropped my old laptop..... It's the one I had to revert to using after I spilled pop on the newer one my son gave to me. So I bought a tablet thinking I could take care of everything with it.....wrong! I am disliking this tablet more and more. I can,t print anything from it unless I send everything to that cloud thing.... And even if I did that, I ca n't get it to recognize my printer. I also can't edit my photos with Adobe PS on this thing and more times than not something happens when I'm typing and it types several words or letters llllikkkelikelike thissssthiiiis. It's not my typing... there's something wrong with the tablet. Needless to say I am returning it. That's not the worst.... The computer shop could not retrieve any of my files, documents, or photos... And I had a lot on there that I hadn't backed up. I should have learned my lesson the last time. :(

So, let's move on to what I'm working on this week. I will have three punchneedle designs listed at Early Work Mercantile Saturday evening. These photos are a sneak peek.

Have a lovely evening and don't forget to back up your files!!!



  1. Well I won't be buying a tablet then. :) I will stick to my clunky desktop. I wondered about that. I kept wondering how easy would it be to just do everything from my lap.
    I had my laptop and that was enough.
    Lovely designs. You have really been busy. It all looks so nice.

  2. I thought it would be nice to have in the evenings to watch movies, visit blogs, Pinterest, etc. and I'm sure it is when it behaves and doesn't get all temperamental... But since it's my only computer right now and I need to print shipping labels and packing slips and edit product photos with a certain program, it just isn't working for me. I will go back to a desktop that my sons will build for me and maybe later get another laptop.