Friday, October 16, 2015

A Little Photo Fun with PicMonkey!

What can I say? I love PicMonkey! I haven't done much photo editing in a long time... nothing other than sharpen / crop / contrast... those kinds of things.

But recently I saw some really sweet banners and cartouches on people's photos and asked some friends where do you find those kinds of things?

Lori Ann Corelis mentioned that I try PicMonkey. I have used it to make a collage for my social media banners but that was it.

So I revisited the website... paid the subscription (it's only $2.70 something a month!) and I am having so much fun prettying up my photos! You can do a lot with their free program. I wanted a few extras so I did the pay thing this time.

I may go overboard, but I can't help it....

And, no, I am not affiliated with PicMonkey. I just want you to know there's a place where you can do this without buying expensive programs and with very little editing experience.

Have fun! :)

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