Saturday, September 19, 2015

Antique Textiles and Antique Make-Do Pincushion

Several years ago I purchased some antique silk and linen fabrics from an antiques dealer. There was a beautiful silk stripe and a floral linen with such a perfect texture.

I loved them so much that they sat in a box...

... for years...

I didn't want to cut into them until I knew for sure what I'd do with them. And then recently, while looking through my boxes of fabrics, I ran across them and knew they'd be perfect for a puzzle ball pin cushion!

Everything is hand-stitched. It takes much more time, but it's very relaxing and so satisfying to see what one has accomplished once it's finished.

Similar to another one in my collection, I added old, glass beads to the intersections on this puzzle ball. They were taken from a vintage necklace that I'd been saving to make use of the pretty green beads and the filigree fastener. I'll use the fastener on something else later.

This one is available on eBay. I don't list there much anymore, but I thought I'd give it a try. You can find the auction here: Silk & Linen Puzzle Ball Pin Cushion.

Did you notice the make-do pincushion in the background? I received that one in the mail last week. I just couldn't resist it!

It is so old and worn, but there's another layer of fabric underneath. I can just barely see the print and I'm curious about it, but I can't bring myself to tear away the top layer.

The glass is hand-blown with little bubbles and imperfections...

But that's what makes it so perfect to me! The older and more worn, the more I love it!

I'll be finishing up some orders over the next few days but I hope to have a couple more papercuttings ready to share sometime next week.

Take care and God bless,