Saturday, June 27, 2015

Peafowl Block Print Cards

I've been working on block print designs for my Early Work Mercantile page. These will be listed and ready for purchase on the evening of the 30th around 9pm.

To make the cards, I first sketch a whimsical peafowl design, inspired by antique frakturs, on the linoleum (above) and then carve it out (below).

Spread the ink on the plate and ink up the brayer...

Then ink the design...

and make a test print. I use an old magazine for this.

I carve away any unwanted areas that showed up on the test, and then print a card using the baren (the round thing with a wooden handle shown in the 3rd photo below).

I'll have several sets made, packaged in clear note card boxes, and ready to ship next Wednesday.

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