Thursday, May 21, 2015

Country Living and Making Do, Part 3

When you live out in the country, 30 minutes from a small town or an hour from a city, sometimes you have to make do with what you have on hand. Or maybe sometimes you choose to make do with what's on hand. Either way, you usually end up with something unique... like the cedar log garden bench at the top of this post! This log was the other half of the one I talked about here. It just happened to be long enough for 2 benches!

Roger and I had been talking about how nice it would be to have a bench near the garden to sit and take a break from pulling weeds or picking vegetables. So... what did he do? Roger had carpal tunnel surgery last Friday, but he was determined to get the pillars for this bench made Thursday evening. The blocks and stones were leftovers from a recent job and they just happened to be perfect for this project! Roger had his surgery, and then Monday afternoon he supervised while our sons notched the log (compliments of the ice storm) and placed it on the pillars. That's Michael, below, making a final adjustment with the chainsaw for a perfect fit.

Roger gave it his approval... along with Buddy, who had CCL surgery (similar to ACL surgery for humans) on the same day as Roger's CTR surgery. Both are doing well. :)

Milo came over with Michael and enjoyed seeing Buddy and riding on the 4-wheeler! You can see the bench in the background behind Michael.

We have a nice view of the garden when we sit on the bench... and we have lots to see this year... onions, peas, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts, eggplants, squash, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers!

And we can see the blueberries and blackberries at the end of the garden...

I have plenty more to share and will try to be back by Saturday to share the finished fire pit.



  1. Hello, I am a new follower :-)
    LOL I thought I was the only one that uses a crate on 4 wheeler for my fur baby LOL

    LOVE love your blog...


    1. Thanks for following, Renee! Yep, those crates come in handy, lol!

  2. These post on country living have been so fun to read Lana! You live in such an amazing area and I know how you must feel blessed to be there. I loved the new fence around what will now be your garden shed and then this new bench near the garden. That tree has been well used my dear.
    I loved seeing the gorgeous green verdant place you live in!
    sending hugs...

    1. June... I didn't even see your comment until now! Thank you for visiting and for the input. I admire your gardens so much and wish I could see them in more detail. I didn't inherit my Mom's talent for gardening so it's a bit of a struggle and lots of trial and error. Oh... and hard work, lol!