Thursday, May 7, 2015

Country Living and Making Do, Part 1

Remember the damaging ice storm in February? I talked about it here. And it happened just after we came back from a wonderful trip to Florida that I shared here. After Roger got over that horrible bacterial pneumonia and everything finally thawed, we set to cleaning up the mess. And we are still cleaning up the mess. The photo below shows about 1/2 the firewood we have cut and stacked, many more trees in the background to cut up, and a huge brush pile to burn. I lost count of how many brush piles we have already burned over the last few weeks.

If you know me and my folk art, you know I like to recycle and repurpose items quite often. Roger is the same way... he is always thinking of new ways to repurpose something or make something out of what others would think was a total loss.

For example, see the cedar tree smack dab in the (top) middle of the photo? That's how it looked on my birthday in February. It's starting to lean toward the road.

This is how it looked 3 days later after the ice storm... blocking one lane of the road. See photo below.

And... drum roll please..........

this is how it looked after Roger made a rustic log bench...

Don't you love it? I do!!!

The log was long enough to make two benches. He'll make the second one in another week or so.

So, even though the ice storm was rough and there was a lot of damage to our trees, we did what we could with what we had. I think that's all part of growing up in and living in the country.

Wait till you see what Roger did with smaller cedar trees and my old chicken coop. I am really excited about that project!

There's even more to share... more projects done using mostly things we find on our property. Be sure to come back and see the rest.



  1. Beautiful! We've got lots of "spare wood" as well and this is a wonderful solution.