Sunday, January 18, 2015

Purpose - Word of the Year

I really never put much thought into choosing a word of the year. Just like resolutions, I figured I'd keep to it just about a month and then go on to something else. But this year is different. Maybe it's because I am just a couple of years away from 50 and I am wondering what purpose I have served. Have I done what I should or been what I could? No one is perfect and no one can do everything, but I am going to try to be more conscious of what I am doing, achieving, or sharing, not just spiritually, but in my every day life. I want to be more purposeful with my life. Now before you think I am getting all philosophical and going to be this new person... I am nowhere near that. I am just going to try to be a better me and share more good with those in my life, whether it be friends and family nearby, or all of you that I cross paths with online. But it all starts in me. It may not be that evident to those around me, but then again, maybe it will at times. We'll see what happens.

The last few weeks as I tried to settle on my word of the year, I'd hear someone talking about being more focused about their life or I'd read something about working toward an end result. At church I'd catch a phrase here and there that pertained to our purpose as Christians, and the bible has a lot to say about purpose. You can find several references here.

This afternoon I am sitting here with my laptop, watching an old movie I had in my Amazon watch-list, Three Sisters. The curtains and doors are open, the sun is shining, I am loving the beautiful day we have been blessed with... and so my mind is wandering back to my word... what will it be? And right in the middle of one of the sister's dialogues I heard the word purpose!

It is settled. PURPOSE is my word of the year. Now mind you, I may fall off the bandwagon, but I will try. I will make an effort to be more purposeful in my life.
Who's with me? :)

Have a blessed day,

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28


  1. I am Lana! I think you have chosen a perfect word. When I read Simple Abundance years ago for the first time I couldn't believe how I had been going at my days with no thought or end in mind. Then I started living with purpose and it has made all the difference.
    I'm sure you will stick with this word in mind all year and you will make the changes you were meant to.
    sending love...

  2. Lana, I love this post. I usually don't even choose a word either, but this year my word is discernment. As for you, you already do lead a purposeful life. From the moment I "met" you online, I was encouraged by your words, and your art. You bring beauty and joy with the things you create, and proclaim your faith with your words. That in itself is a gift to all those you encounter you, in "real life" or here, online. Focusing on leading a purposeful life is something we all need reminding of, thank you!