Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Just Had To...

Late last night I had this urge to do a little watercolor. So near midnight, I was out in my workroom, going through stacks of art pads and papers trying to find my watercolor paper.

I found a few pieces that had already been cut to size and stained, pulled one out, and began sketching. I combined a few things I have sitting around the house: a pretty little turquoise bird my sister bought for me a few years back, stacks of books (in every room), an old pewter vase, and a twiggy branch. I added leaves to the branch although the one I have is bare.

Next came a loose wash of watercolors. I used my little Koi Watercolor Travel Kit. It' so handy!

I went to bed and this morning I added details to the dry painting with a fine tip black pen.

The final step was to add highlights here and there with my Uni-ball Signo Pen. I can find no other that writes as well as this one!

And there you have it... the late night / early morning meanderings of my mind and fingers. :)

Oh, and this little painting reminds me of a favorite quote:
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come." ~ old Chinese proverb

yes, I goofed on the year! :)


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