Monday, May 21, 2012

To Let Go or Not To Let Go

... that's a hard decision!!!

I've been thinning things out even more... yes, I am an expert at storing three times as many things in a space that you would think could possibly fit in said space... and it feels good to make room... but I am having second thoughts about some of the items.

For instance, that old tobacco tin at the top... don't you just LOVE the graphics on it? I would keep it if the entire thing was black and cream, but years ago someone painted the lid and rim a sea-foam green. I suppose I could paint over it, but then there's one more thing I would have to work on and I already have many more big projects that have been waiting for months.

And this ironstone gravy boat with the light crazing and faded gold trim....

I collect ironstone, but all my other pieces are just white... no gold on them.

But if I also kept this little fancy teacup...

...and this pretty chocolate mug.... then I'd have a collection of gold trimmed pieces! ;)

Sigh... I'd better not, I still have a lot of pieces that I'm not sure will fit in the kitchen once we finally renovate it this summer. You know, the kitchen renovation I have talked about for the last few years here on my blog. I have high hopes that it will come to pass in the next few months... fingers crossed!!!

So, if you would like to see some of the items I am letting go, just visit the Vintage pages of my website. Who knows, you just might find something that you've been looking for! :)


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  1. Oh Lana,
    I'm doing it too. It is so hard to get rid of some things. I love the writing of the tin, but you could scan it and use it in paper crafts instead. It is so hard to see all our collections collecting dust and our space becoming too full. I just visited a friend who lives in an old house with absolutely no clutter. I want to be her. Boy, I have a long way to go! So let's sell it!!!
    Have fun-