Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Sundries

sundries: miscellaneous small articles, details, or items

I wasn't quite sure what to share this time, so I got my camera and just wandered around the house, looking at little things here and there... trying to see them for the first time... and choose something that you might find interesting.... or strange! :)

I think I've shown you this collection before... maybe a few years back... but not closeup photos of the items.

I never intentionally collected these. Over the years I have just picked up a stray item here and there at junk stores, garage sales, my Dad's junk, my husband's junk (and workshop trash!), and a few are gifts from friends who noticed that I found these kinds of items interesting.

After a time, I realized I had a collection of door knobs, hinges, door plates --- and some things that I don't know what they are called --- and put them in a large, heavy, iron stand.

The light wasn't good in the living room where I keep these items, so I brought them out into my workroom and opened the door to shed a little more light on the subject. And then I spread them out onto my old work table (and dusted them off!) to take more photos:

{This was the door handle on my childhood bedroom door. When Mama and Daddy remodeled a few rooms and changed out the door, I asked to have the handle. Neither Mama nor Daddy thought it was silly of me to ask for it.}

{These marble eggs really don't fit the old hardware theme but somehow found themselves in the mix!}

{Above: New items from my friend, Suzanne, who gets me. :) }

I'm sure when my husband's friends come over to visit and see this sort of thing they take pity on him for having a wife that collects "junk"! Little do they know, these are actually priceless treasures! Well, not really, but when I'm gone, I think the kids can make a buck or two off my collections! ;)

And I have just realized that if 3 makes a collection...
50+ items must make an obsession!!! ;)

Do any of you collect door knobs or other old hardware pieces? If you have blogged about your collections, feel free to leave a link in the comments so we can see!

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care and God bless,

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  1. Very nice collection and pictures of them! I bought four knobs and face plates today for a project that I wanted to make for my home. Your kids are going to make a large buck or two on those! ☺ I didn't realize how much they were going for these days. No matter, it's going to look fantastic when I get it done.
    Your collection looks really cute in that iron stand! Thanks for sharing.

  2. wonderful collection. all things I would have picked up too.

    barbara jean

  3. Dear KNOW I SO "get" you and all that you love!! Your photos are just beautiful ~ Isn't it wonderful how we love so much of the same things? Good grief, that camera lens has me drooling day, I will have a nice camera!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial day weekend dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. I agree-that lens is making me drool too!
    I have old drawers full of odd stuff-wonderful things...when I go to sales I always look at the tools first!
    You've inspired me to photograph my treasures~I'll let you know when I do!