Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Packing My Bags...

Well, I'm not really packing up and moving, but it feels like it! I've been going through more boxes in the basement and clearing out things I will never use or never have the time to re-purpose as I'd intended. Take that vintage Samsonite suitcase for example. I had grand plans of collecting them and having a stack as high as the ceiling (almost!) ... just like those collections you see in Country Living or Romantic Homes... but it reminds me too much of the Toppling Tower and I never made it past the one piece of luggage.

And this cute miniature curio cabinet (below)... I could just see it painted white (or black), edges distressed, old book pages on the back of the shelves, holding some of my old pincushions or little curiosities... but I never got around to it and I have other things I'd rather do now.

There are so many more things I've dug out of boxes that I know I just won't ever get around to recycling so I am adding them to my junk sale. And what doesn't sell before the end of the month, will be put in a local sale I am having with my daughter, sisters, and nieces. I am really in one of those moods to declutter! :)

I'm hoping by fall (since I have other things going on as well) I will have gone through every inch of the house, through all the boxes and closets and drawers, and will have everything completely organized. What we want to keep, will either be displayed nicely and creatively, or stored in much fewer boxes until we want to change things out a bit.

Wish me luck!!! :)

Take care and God bless,

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