Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Pretty Much A Given...

... that if Krispy Kreme doesn't put the amount of calories on the box, the calories are non-existent, right???

You know, how can you help Krispy Kreme celebrate a milestone like a 75th birthday (theirs, not mine!) if you don't eat one of their doughnuts???

I wonder if Krispy Kreme knows my daughter and I are big fans of theirs? We love them so much that we created a blog for our weaknesses... and only posted about Krispy Kreme!

Actually, we got sidetracked by everything else and never made it back to post about any more weaknesses, but we hope to change that soon. I can tell you though, I'm sure we'll be posting more about Krispy Kreme! Gosh! Have you seen their strawberry doughnuts??? I may have to make an out of town trip soon so I can try them. Too bad we don't have a Krispy Kreme less than an hour away.... wait, maybe that's a good thing for me since I am on a weight loss journey now. And for the record, I did make sure to count my calories and save enough to splurge on a cream filled doughnut last night.... hadn't had one in months... and it was delicious!!!

That's it for now.... but I'll probably be back later today with another post about things I'd rather be doing.


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