Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red and Yellow Make...

... this fun Etsy treasury! You can visit the Etsy page and leave a comment here if you wish.

Once in a while I get in the mood to put together treasury collections from my favorites. I guess recently was one of those times.

Here's another one I made called October's Party:

It can be found here.

I hope to be back later this evening, or perhaps tomorrow to share part 3 of the World's Longest Yard Sale.

See you then! :)


  1. Love your treasuries! You show your creativity in so many ways! :)

  2. fabulous treasuries!! i've never created one of those, but it looks like fun! you've found some really wonderful items to feature, too!! xoxo

  3. Wow, look at the changes on your blog! I almost closed it and went back in, thinking I arrived at the wrong place, LOL. It looks nice! I guess that is one of the new templates.