Friday, September 23, 2011

A Seed Has Sprouted

The girl from the toppling tower of too much has been busy...
busy going through boxes of all of her bits and bobs,
checking what she has in her stash,
making note of what she might put to use,
and what she can let go of and only keep in her heart.

For she has found an extraordinary* joy
in digging through old things forgotten
and new things hidden,
knowing that some will stay and some will go
and all will serve their purpose in one way
or another.

As she sorts and sorts
and divides into this box and that
something feels different within her.
It's as if a little seed that was planted long, long ago
has finally sprouted and has begun to grow...
growing higher and higher...
branching this way and that...
reaching for the daylight that was once hidden
by the toppling tower of too much...

Please come back for another visit as the girl shares more of her heart and home.

What bits and bobs do you have that need to be cleared out
so that daylight and creativity can burst through?

these snippets of
The Toppling Tower of Too Much
are light-heartedly written and whimsically illustrated by
Lana Manis (c)2011
* extraordinary ~ thank you to Minnie the maid for providing us with her amusing enunciation of the word.


  1. I always feel inspired and freed when I reorganize and move things on and discover things, too! Nice!

  2. Love your blog. Very artistic and creative. The kitty is too cute.