Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Bright Is Your Light? ~ Guest Post

The folks at OttLite and I have been visiting each other via social media (blogs, facebook and twitter) for a while now. They are always friendly and ready to help. 

Most of my readers do some sort of handwork that requires good lighting, so I recently asked someone from LiteSource (a retailer for OttLite) to do a guest post on my blog about lighting for your craft room or studio and Charlene has written a very helpful post!


How Bright is Your Light?

If you’re sewing or working with crafts, lighting plays a key role in your creation. Dull or poor lighting can strain your eyes, cause a headache and even throw off the hue or tone of your project’s actual color. With OttLite natural lighting technology, you will be able to see things in their true color state. Words will also be clearer and squinting should no longer be necessary to view fine the fine details of your craft.
Whatever your hobby may be, there is an OttLite for just about everyone. Even if you just want to save on your electric bill, OttLite can help. The following examples are a few suggestions below that might make working easier on your eyes!
Below is a photo of a great, versatile lamp that is made for a craft table. Say hello to the Jupiter Magnifier Lamp from The Lite Source. This lamp is adjustable and also includes a handy magnifier to see your creation up-close.

                             Jupiter Magnifier Lamp
Another great lamp that can come in handy for artists of all types is the 3-in-1 Craft Lamp by OttLite. This convenient fixture, also sold by The Lite Source is fully adjustable. It appears as a floor lamp, but can be converted to meet your needs with included hardware. The added clip is a great way to hold your work when you need an extra hand!

                                                             3-in-1 Craft Lamp

Here’s a perfect tool for viewing things on the go. The Mini LED Flip Light is a take-along light that can be easily stored in your purse or pocket when out shopping. Instead of coming home with an off-toned fabric swatch or paint hue, you can see its true color before you even purchase it!   

Whether you are an artist, knitter or seamstress, proper lighting can definitely be beneficial to your work. The following link shows a video about how an OttLite can assist you.
Here are few testimonials about how OttLite Lighting helps crafters with their creations. Feel free to check them out!  or
Why not feel good about the light you’re in? If you would like to try an OttLite, The Lite Source offers free shipping and a free OttLite bulb with your order. For more information, visit:
Here’s to a bright day!
~Charlene Marie

Thank you so much, Charlene! I'll admit I don't have an Ott Lite yet, but it is definitely on my wish list! :)

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